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  1. I've just tried it and it works just fine. Thanks :-)
  2. When I download the "" file from the page "" the part 6027 has an incorrect format. A part of the "name" as well as the "part_cat_id" and ""part_material_id" will be exported in the second column and not the first column as for all the other parts. Attached you can see the *.xlsx file with red marked errors. Maybe the error comes from the format ";" in the part summary -> see the picture. Browser: Chrome OS: Windows 10 parts.xlsx
  3. Very good idea, this would help a lot. Maybe this could also be implemented in the "Find MOCs" page. Then you could also find some MOCs to build you never thought about.
  4. If such a matrix is available for each category it is one step towards the goal.
  5. No. But it's an easier way of getting an overview of the complete part collection and though the data is available in the database of rebrickable I thought it could be possible to visualize it like this.
  6. It would be great to have a list that is not primary related to any colour. It should show the part number + the picture on the left side and then showing on the right side all colours which are available in my collection and the amount of parts related to the part number of the left side. I hope this doesn't sound too difficult what I mean. In general you could compare it with the detail view of each part which is already available by clicking on the part but I want it for the complete collection. Thanks in advance,