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  1. Did anyone else here enter the Best of Batman contest by Lego? I hate Batman but had fun building a Classic Space Batwing and my Destroyed Batcave. Unfortunately I like the Classic Space Batman look enough that I may have to purchase the pieces to make it. I borrowed them from my son when I took the picture. I doubt I will put either up on this site as I don't think the Classic Space Batwing is a good enough design. Destroyed Batcave on the other hand I'm not sure I want to go through all the enough to build instructions. I did build the broken batmobile digitally and then made a non broken version because my son requested it. I could put it up here but I don't feel the design is all that interesting. Don't we have enough batmobiles.
  2. The bricklink mapping of "LEGO Part 2654pr0006 - Plate Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom [Boat Stud] with Gorilla Face Print" is incorrect. It should be 2654pb003
  3. I was trying to use as much from the Dolphin Cruiser as possible. So that it is Dolphin Cruiser plus some extra pieces. The set has one cupboard with a trans light blue door which I wanted to use but figured two white doors looked better than a single trans light blue and a white one. Both sunroof glass have ridges so they are 2348b. Thanks for the suggestions. Despite not liking the Friends theme, I do like how it came out.
  4. I went to brickfair NE last week. They had a Friends MOC contest which required a minidoll in the MOC. Since I didn't have any minidoll's I wasn't going to enter. However, I won 41015 Dolphin Cruiser at Bingo on Thursday. After getting home at 11pm, I got to work. The contest was originally to make a Friends version of another Lego set. If you've seen my creations you might know that I have a problem. I've built a Batbot Command Center, a Pirate Robot Command Center, and worked on a M:Tron Robot Command Center. When looking at the Dolphin Cruiser, all I could imagine was a Robot Friends Center. Should I polish it up and build instructions or disavow all knowledge of the build?
  5. In case anyone else is looking for it, it is available from the wayback machine.
  6. I've heard they haven't issued any updates recently to LDD so they don't have the new parts still.
  7. dulsi

    Raccoon Car

    Roon's Raccoon Swiftladder is up on the Lego Ideas site. I need to go back and take pictures with the original tires. I like that build better but alas Ideas requires you to use bricks currently in production. The raccoon tail spins with the moving of the back wheels. The ladder is a little big. I made a wall like the lion temple wall and the ladder ends up being excessive. The chi is a little hard to get in and out of the storage compartment. I don't like the laser cannon but haven't come up with anything better. Much of my pieces are old so it has more exposed studs than many current Lego designs. I will be building instructions and posting them here when I have a chance. (Still need to do that for the two alternative robot command centers as well.)
  8. The way I've typically bought pieces is to upload the pieces as a private moc. Buy some usually from the one with the highest number of pieces with a low piece. Remove those from the private moc and repeat. You can probably get it for cheaper if you spend more time at it but I generally find the price acceptable. (It's not quite that simple as I also look at each store for equivalent pieces I could substitute like mold variants or even different colors sometimes. Also when I get near 100% I spend a little more time fiddling with the last few orders to get the cheapest.)
  9. I've started building a raccoon car for a new tribe for Legend of Chima. I was thinking of maybe making a Lego Ideas project when I have complete build. However the new rules require that the build uses currently produced pieces. Is there a way to get a list of currently produced tires? Anybody know of something about the same size as the current back tire?
  10. I'd probably skip the inventory step. Just start building. When you get a model you like, go back in recreate it with one of the digital tools to generate instructions. That's assuming you want instructions. How do you want to play with your nephew? Do you want to have instructions and build it together? Do you want to just have a cool model he can play with? I always find it's best to build a physical model when creating instructions. Even if it can physically connect as designed in a digital tool, it may not hold together in the way you want.
  11. Any fans of Atlantis on this site? I'm looking for the two digital instructions for the Atlantis Brickmaster book. I got the book for my son but have been unable to find the online instructions anywhere. He likes to build his own things so it isn't a big deal but I would like to grab them if I can.
  12. I assume you mean the generated instructions are bad. I've only used it on a small model where it didn't really matter how you constructed it. The other digital designers using ldraw files do not offer generating instructions automatically to my knowledge. If you want well made instructions, I'm afraid you have to design them yourself.
  13. If you've seen some designs on mocpages that you like, include a link. Someone may be able to figure out how it was put together. I like the Lego Ideas books for design ideas. Although I don't know how they might specifically help in building an Imperial Base. What about the set you got disappointed you?
  14. Looks trans-blue to me. As for not use light grey for the old classic arms, I never tried it out. I converted the blue in the robot command center to black. I played around with some red and light grey in the body but never played around with the arms. Finally I decided I had to just build it if I wanted to give it to my son. Afterward I saw a nice brick built batsymbol for the front of a batmobile which I wish I could have worked in. Overall I prefer the Pirate Robot Command Center because it is much more original than the Batman one.
  15. I bring them to work. My desk has a collection of not legos for people to build with. (One of coworkers had to bring his son to the office one day. He saw the helicopter I built with the Tyco equivalent of the old wheel with four studs. His son now thinks his dad plays with legos at work.)