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  1. I recently built a couple road bikes from the likes of Mould King and Lepin that were "ok" I guess, and then I built a Lego crane truck...better quality bricks, not by much, but certain parts were "off" to a degree. Both Lego and the "knock-off" brands have one issue that bugs the hell outa me...the instructions...! You can follow them IF you watch VERY carefully the layout of the drawings. They both show assembled parts BEFORE you even get to that stage and is confusing at times. Coming from a plastic model building genre, they have a lot to be desired. At any rate, I was wondering how one can build one of those fascinating cranes, bucket loaders, truck cranes, etc., that are no longer available on the Lego site...? I see all these MOC's and wonder what a chap must do to get the parts. These are nifty kits to build and a far cry from the huge amount of extras needed in many of today's high end Styrene tank, plane and car kits. We have limited access to Lego up here in Canada, so I was looking for assistance elsewhere, so here I am. Thanks for reading, Laurie in Winterpeg...current temp...-45C with windchill...!!!!!
  2. Hey chaps, Canada calling, I got bit by the Lego Technic bug and want to build more...like I NEED more hobbies at my age...LOL...! I just finished last week the 42109 Mobile Crane and must say it is quite the beast when all done. I was wondering if there are manuals available along with extra parts to re-build this crane into something else...? I'm not fully educated on this MOC thing at all, or if MOC even applies to my query as building "MOC" right now would surely mess up what little grey matter I have left...! I read a review here about a chap that built the 420981 Car Transporter and that it can be transformed into a car, trailer, flatbed truck, and open top van...is this correct, or am I missing something...? Cheerio, and thanks for reading