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  1. Hi everyone, I’m very new to the Lego community and trying to build my first MOC, namely 19204 (Emperor Palpatine). I followed the instructions, ordered the bricks and bought the instructions, but as it appears I’m missing many bricks to complete this MOC. And indeed, I can see when looking at the “Inventory” section that many things are indeed needed but not listed (just to take one very obvious example: the two “brickheadz style eyes” are not listed). My questions are the following: did I mess up in what I bought, for example by missing an entire section of required bricks? Or is the MOC description broken in that the inventory doesn’t match the instructions? Is that a common issue I should be aware of or was I simply unlucky on my first attempt? Thank you in advance! PS: for those interested, I went through the instructions and ordered the missing pieces, but I did that manually so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m missing yet a few more after that second order :-)