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  1. Hi all! I'm Robert, been a long-time user of Rebrickable and the Brickheadz range has made me want to start designing my own MOCs. I've found the Brickheadz format a great one to learn with, gives you enough freedom to make it your own but a compact format so it's not too daunting. This is my work here, it's the character Anubis from the videogame Spelunky (well, and ancient Egyptian mythology...): This is what Anubis looks like in the game: And this is a model of Anubis (and a few other mini bosses): I cribbed an awful lot from existing Brickheadz sets - Anubis's wraps are just Rey's, the arms are just standard, etc. Any advice on where I could improve the model before I post it? I like the ears but I'm not a fan that I'm showing the underside of the bricks. Also I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't make the ankh on his chest any more than a 1x1 round plate as it's a very central part of his character. And only after making the model did I realise that he has a gold-rimmed cloth around his neck which I've haven't featured at all, but looking at it I can't work out how I really could. Also I was hoping to have the actual skull somehow in the sceptre but had to settle for a more abstract version. Looking at the pictures again it feels I should try to have a smoother transition from the top of his head to the back. I'm planning on doing a few more Spelunky characters. The Yeti King in the second image is one of my favourites so he's definitely getting included! I first tried the main character, "Spelunky Guy", but I found his hat to be very challenging so tackled Anubis first.