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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to have Rebrickable automatically recommend a storing solution for me based on my collection? Leg me explain: I have around 100k pieces stored unsorted in a mix of unopened and built conditions. I've now started the process of sorting everything and thinking about what kind of storage would be good. After reading The LEGO Storage Guide over at brickarchitect.com I understand that sorting by part is the better option for me (perhaps with the exception of some pieces that I could sort by part and color). Now: what would be great was to be able to have Rebrickable analyse my collection and recommend a way to store. It could tell me how many e.g. 2x1 bricks I have in total across all colours and then (I'm dreaming here) tell me approximately how many acro mills drawers (or cubic centimeters / inches) I would need for storing those. Similar calculations could be done for other categories of pieces: 1x3, 1x4 etc etc but also grouping for more specialised parts. If that functionality was there then I guess it would be possible to also estimate the total number of acro mills drawers needed for the whole collection. Thank you for any thoughts or feedback you might have! PS. Also thanks for creating Rebrickable and keeping it in such good shape. It's amazing to be able to have an overview of one's collection like this! /Seb