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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the delete-buttons were accidentally removed with this update. I hope they can be restored as they were useful. If the description isn't coming back the texts should be updated to not mention the description. The text appears in the "add photo dialog" and on the "list of fan photos" too. Whom may I ask to delete specific fan photos? All four my photos were approved but two of them are just better versions of other two, which I would like to delete.
  2. I added my first fan photo a several days ago. I was able to delete the photos, which were not yet approved. There were also a description field for the photo. Today I added more fan photos. Then I wanted to reupload them (after making small changes) but I can no longer delete the previously uploaded photos. The buttons to delete do not appear. The description field is gone too; the text in the upload dialog suggests that a description can be provided but there are no such field (it was there several days ago). The issue is reproducible, at least with my account. I've tried Safari on iPad, Safari on Mac and Chrome on Mac - the same results everywhere.