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  1. Hi Plate 2 x 14 in Dark Turquoise (Part Number 91988) is shown as a quantity of 5. The correct quantity is 12 which agrees with the quantity shown for this part in the BrinkLink Set list database -it also agrees with my actual count of this part in my set. Kind Regards Keith
  2. Hi Contents of Set 75535-1 on Rebrickable set lists show 1 x Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes on Edges (Part No 48288) in Dark Turquoise. This should be 1 x Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes (Part No 90498) in Dark Turquoise. This set inventory on bricklink correctly shows the item as 1 x Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes (not Bottom Tubes on Edges) and agrees with my own set contents. Regards Keith
  3. Thank you -problem finally solved. I did not initially follow retreiverfalcons advice as I did not (and still don't) believe that this is a spare part; when were LEGO ever generous enough to provide a part of that size as a 'spare'. Nor do I believe I would have lost a part of that size. I see that brinklink also include it as a spare part in their set inventory but in my opinion this is an error or can anyone vouch for the fact that they definitely have this as a spare in their set?
  4. This is definitely not a spare part (Technic Link 1 x 16). Examination in the Sets List correctly shows there are 4 of these; Examination in 'All my Parts List' shows I have 5 of these all within the Crawler Crane set. The item is definitely not included in 'My Parts List' (As a test I've added one of this part number then re-examined both 'My Parts List' and 'All my Parts List' and this now displays 1 in 'My Parts List' and 6 in 'All My Parts List' -I've then deleted the test quantity 1 from My Parts List and re-querying 'All My Parts List' still incorrectly shows I have 5 of these all within the Crawler Crane set
  5. A set query on the 42042 Crawler Crane correctly shows 4 x part 2637 Technic Link 1 x 16 in Light Bluish Gray in the Inventory section However when I load 'All My Parts' and do a search on part 2637 the results returned show I have 5 of this part number. Clicking on 'My Parts' and 'Sets' show that all 5 of these parts are from Set 42042. I only have 4 of these parts so this appears to be an error. Viewed on Google Chrome using Windows 10 64 bit Regards Keith