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  1. ah alright, just thought id ask. i suppose i dont really need the additional images anyways since im just using the thumbnail for a listing view and then linking to the rebrickable single pages. appreciate the quick response & would like to thank you for supporting a nice, clean, easy to work with api!
  2. hey was wondering if you would be able to alter the GET /api/v3/lego/sets/ endpoint to include the additional images that are available? { "set_num": "10270-1", "name": "Bookshop", "year": 2020, "theme_id": 155, "num_parts": 2504, "set_img_url": "", "set_url": "", "last_modified_dt": "2019-12-12T18:29:08.850822Z" } to something like... { "set_num": "10270-1", "name": "Bookshop", "year": 2020, "theme_id": 155, "num_parts": 2504, "set_img_urls": [ "", "", ... "" ] "set_url": "", "last_modified_dt": "2019-12-12T18:29:08.850822Z" } i have ways to scrape this data & make multi-threaded head requests to check if images exist to collect valid uris but would prefer to reduce overhead on both your end as well as mine if possible.