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  1. My MOC is the 2nd most visited MOC the latest 30 days and yet it is not visible at all in the hot MOC's list. I have checked 8 pages and all my other MOC's of which some have significantly less visits are displayed.
  2. You are completely right @Nathan, sorry about posting a user error as a bug.
  3. To check what parts that are needed in addition of the parts available in sets 42096 and 42056 when building MOC-35921 ( I created a set list consisting of sets 42096 + 42056 and ran the building options. MOC-35921 requires an additional pair of mud guards and the missing parts list is displaying 2 equal mud guards but should display one of each (mirrored) as it is done when using the compare option:
  4. Once a MOC purchase is executed a list of other suggested MOCs is displayed. I made a purchase today and the suggested list displayed 4 (!!) of my own MOCs, refer to the attached screenshot. The suggested list should exclude MOCs published by the purchaser.
  5. I'm located in Iceland which now in winter time has the same time as London.
  6. In the screenshot it looks like the latest MOC was published February 20 when in fact it was published today, February 21st. All MOC releases are displayed 1 day offset in the analytics graphs.