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  1. I would like to add the parts that are missing from this set inventory: which include Electro Suit Batman's cowl, cape, upper body, and lower body. However, the mini-fig is exclusive to the book, so only the cape exists in Rebrickable's system. The other parts are prints of existing parts. I do not own the book that the figure came with, and I do not know the print/part number for the pieces. I would be happy to submit the parts, submit the inventory correction, and submit pictures for the parts, but I'm not sure where to start in this situation.
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    @DrewG Please keep in mind that there is a mold variation. I can't tell from your single pic, but if there is a small hole on the other side of the shaft, it is the variation.
  3. It would be nice if the topbar containing the part counts and change-log (pro feature) was sticky too (or could be set to sticky), so that I could more easily undo the addition of an incorrect part from the middle of a parts category.
  4. The image below shows how large I can get the tiles on my UHD monitor without changing my desktop settings effecting all of my online activity. Any chance we can get an X-Large Tile Size option?
  5. Would love (probably as pro feature) the ability to set my default "Filter Category Tiles" option on the Find Parts page. I prefer to have all categories showing by default. Thanks!