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  1. I have several of Parts 41752 and 40607. Is there a reason why these are mostly omitted from the site? Both are available in Dark Gray and Dark Bluish Gray. I can understand not applying them to sets (annoying when someone goes "it's missing never sent my rubber band holder".) So, suggestion/question, thought this was the most appropriate pace to put it, feel free to move but would love an answer...definitely a "bottom of the list" priority here :)
  2. Trying to build set 8921 for sale. Inventory showed I had all 4 pieces of 47296 White. When I view my parts it shows I have a total 8 in two set lists and 3 in one parts list. None of my set lists are checked as being used when doing builds. There is a green box around the part in the Inventory screen but yet it shows I only have 3 and need 4. Is there something else I should be doing?
  3. Yep, saw's in Trans Red though only, not Glow in the Dark Opaque. The one I have is Glow in the Dark Opaque.
  4. Longtime member, been absent for a LONG time. Having to re-input my entire inventory due to a mishap deleting my entire parts lists during the 2.0 switch. Doscovered Part 32533pb234 Binocle Disc Glow in the Dark Opaque. Not listed for any set and the part isn;t even listed. Would love to have it for completeness sake. Can submit picture if needed!
  5. This makes Rebrickable impossible to use on every format for me.
  6. When I clicked on a part a pop-up used to generate showing the color, part info, especially in relation to the set I was currently working on. Now the color isn't present. I get general part info (non-set specific) and a handful of info if I hover over it using the mouse but this function is extremely useless using an iPad/iPhone (which is much more useful to use when building sets). Can this please be addressed? Thank you.
  7. Understandably ads generate much needed income but the ads on the pages really hinder the actual useage of the site. The original layout of the site was much cleaner and the colors leaned more toward defined areas but the ad position and color scheme really detract from the site...which is why I haven't been present for a number of years now after having been very active early on. I would really love to have this addressed.
  8. I was trying to create parts lists to help manage new bulk lots and exported my First Parts List (over 167,000 parts). Then, as a test, I uploaded the CSV into a new lost I created. It only uploaded 779 parts. I tried again using Replace instead of Addend. Those same 779 parts? Yeah, they now replaced all of the parts in my first parts list, even though I had the settings set to the new list. I double checked before I clicked anything. All attempts to upload the CSV are resulting in only 779 parts added. The CSV sheet shows 167,000+ Can someone please help? This has taken me a good year or so to input...
  9. My Default for adding in parts used to be "MyFirstPartsList" or some such and now it defaults to a set that I submitted/am in the process of submitting (can't remember). Is there any way to change the default? It's a pain to have to remember to switch it every time I add a part...
  10. Are we not calling parts Torso anymore? Are they now called" Upper Part"? And what's with the latest inputting of parts with all caps on? It's giving me a headache... (See new Star Wars sets for reference)
  11. I notice that my parts are automatically filed into "My First Parts List". Is it possible to have multiple parts lists? And, if so, can we try and build using JUST a specific parts list as opposed to all loose parts? I am thinking this may help those who buy large bags (like myself) to see what they can build inherent without adding any of our loose parts and easier identify sets that we may have. Thoughts, gentlemen? Rock on.
  12. Speed has been improved 100%! Thank you! Another issue when adding parts from my parts list is that the page recycles to the middle of the page (Hinge parts) whenever I add ANY part from the My Parts page. Not sure if this is a glitch but it adds extra time to have to re-scroll to the desired part if I m adding multiple colors. Thanks!
  13. This seems like something that needs to be really gets slow over time...
  14. Last night (1am PST) no pieces would add...the whole site would stop working and I would have to reboot my browser just to view the set or any other part of the site otherwise it would time out or "load" for 5min + It did the same on my iPad/iPhone as on my desktop. Now today, on a completely different server, I am experiencing 3-4 ultra fast adds followed by 1-2 minutes to process the add...something wrong with the system? If so, this has happened a few times before and it would be nice to have a post on the site if maintenance is being done that would cause slow speeds...thanks!
  15. I recently got a few sets that have been glued together with a nasty clear/orange/yellow glue... Other than wanting to slap the person silly for doing it (they even glued the heads on the minifigs!!!) is there anything I can do? Unfortunately the 2 sets are Lt. Gray/Dark Gray era Star Wars and Harry Potter so there's not a lot of replacing of parts that can be done... Anyone know how to remove the glue so I can salvage the pieces?