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  1. Awesome, thanks! Any chance you can update the CSV dump files to include the full API output for parts and set-parts, so I don't thrash your server? http://rebrickable.com/downloads
  2. Cool, will be interested to see the changes. I was wondering, will the new API expose any of the following part data? - part type (e.g. "Beams", "Bricks Sloped", etc.) - version 2.0 info - non-printed/patterned equivalent part - mold variation relationships - alternate part relationships (not always functionally compatible) - minifig/accessory flag - non-lego flag Also, do you ever plan to expose your set data (set name, theme, year, etc.) via the API? Or do you get that from a third-party web service?
  3. This would have to be my number one feature request. I simply love the data capabilities of this site. The only thing I really wish I could do is break my loose parts into groups (basically just custom sets). For example, it would be nice to group them by by their origin (e.g. "ebay purchase order XYZ" or "bricklink order ABC"). Or to segregate parts that are used in my displayed MOCs (that I don't want to use for builds). Then if there were group lists (like set lists) I'd have a group list for new parts, used parts, displayed mocs, etc. Basically a complete analog of parts-sets-setlists. GroupList: "My new parts" (used in builds = yes) Group: "9493-1 parted out, no minifigs (ebay order XYZ)" Group: "9495-1 parted out, no minifigs (ebay order ABC)" GroupList: "My used parts" (used in builds = yes) Group: "Lot of windscreens and technic pins (rebrickable order DEF)" GroupList: "MOCs on display" (used in builds = no) Group: "cavegod2009's UCS AT-AT" etc.
  4. Funny, I was just thinking this too, as I was wondering what minimum parts list would allow me to build ANY of the Star Wars sets since 2003. Not build them at the same time, but at least one at a time. As a simple concrete example, say I want the minimum parts list to build Set A, Set B, and Set C. Imagine each set is composed of the following parts: Set A 1 x Part X 2 x Part Y 3 x Part Z Set B 2 x Part X 3 x Part Y 1 x Part Z Set C 3 x Part X 1 x Part Y 2 x Part Z The minimum parts list to build any of the sets would thus be 3x Part X, 3x Part Y, and 3x Part Z. I could then make whichever set I wanted at a given moment... just not more than one at a time. Maybe it would be an esoteric feature, but it seems that it could be generated fairly easily with a single SQL statement.
  5. Absolutely awesome website, I just emerged from the dark ages in large part due to this website! Just wanted to alert someone that there's a database bug in the foreign key constraint between a user's lost parts and their sets. When I try to reduce the quantity of a particular lost part from the lost parts page, I get this error: ERROR: insert or update on table "user_lost_parts" violates foreign key constraint "user_lost_parts_set_id_fkey" DETAIL: Key (set_id)=(undefined) is not present in table "sets". When I try to set the quantity of a lost part to zero, nothing happens at all. If you want a concrete example, I'm trying to modify the lost part count on my 6211-1 Imperial Star Destroyer set. Another oddity is that if I remove the set altogether from my inventory, the lost parts remain (this may have started the problem to begin with). If I had to guess, it seems like the ON DELETE/UPDATE actions in the foreign key constraint are backward.