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  1. is it just me or is digital designer a pain for custom technic builds
  2. sorry i havent been online 4 ages but ive built a modification to the 42039 suv racer and was wonderining if i can put both the instructions for the suv and flak cannon because i made a modification
  3. KINGZAC24


    can anyone pls make a power functions back turning chasis as this will help with a big moc im making
  4. it varies on how long it takes to build somthing but it usually depends on the complexity of the build
  5. KINGZAC24


    please accept my fist moc then i create powerfuntion car nathan or other admin
  6. how do i lvl up on stud [eg level 2 stud
  7. whats api and do i need it
  8. WHAT DOES SET TO WIP mean on the moc submission page
  9. ive recently built a rc car moc about 3-4 months ago but it was never put on the moc page where people can build it so i deleted it so now im going to build a different vehicle so when i register it hopefully this week can u pls register it on the site