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  1. Great, I like the names you used. If I find other inconsistencies like this I will create a change request if the number of them is low. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am looking for a policy or direction about the description of Technic parts and now especially of panels. Noticed a discrepancy and wonder if it's worth the effort to issue change requests for them. Some have a comma some do not after "Technic" Some have the text "panel" and some do not, like "Technic fairing" or "Technic, panel fairing" An example, no comma and no "panel": Similar part but with comma and with "panel": Not TOO important but I wonder if consistency is what we aim at. Just wondering.
  3. Hello, Ignore my inventory update post above for the 42078 set Mack. Have made change requests for the spare parts and the update of the number of 3021's.
  4. RB complicated? - Neeeeeeeeeeh. Just hugely helpfull (for me and many others) in determining: what can I build next. Thanks Simon.
  5. OK, I am *only* a few years a happy user of this site, but the function of the selection checkboxes on "Mu part lists" have more impact than I anticipated..... My problem vanished by selectiong my looase part list. But the use of these selection boxes might need some clarification.
  6. On On that page I see that my loose part list is UNSELECTED. Could it be that I unselected " My loose Part List (8925 parts) " and that *that* causes the build algorythm to ingnore those parts?
  7. Trying to see the inventory of moc-8018 the red road racer (sBrick) My "Default Build Matching Options" settings are: Ignore color and all "ignore" and "exclude" flags are selected. My "Default Inventory Viewing Options" are "Hilight parts I own" and "Hide parts I own" others are OFF. Using Firefox 58.0.2 on Windows 10 - Scenario: Logged on as BertZelf browse to Click inventory and see: 2 x 32495c01 €11.59 1 x 32065 €0.61 4 x 88516 €9.38 2 x 60656 €8.52 2 x 92909 €1.15 4 x 57515 €1.93 4 x 88517 €1.62 1 x 64228 €18.67 1 x 99498 €34.80 2 x 58121 €15.63 2 x 11950 €1.33 Makes no sense to me. Correct is that I do *not* own the tyres, nor the non-rechargable battery box. but the others I *do* have. To "proove" I click e.g. the 32495c01. That pages reports that I have six of them in black, so enough *and* the correct color. These six are on "My loose Part List" Probably me that does something wrong, but I *never* saw this behaviour before on this magnificent site.
  8. My mistake: this part is not in the LEGO Building Instructions inventory.
  9. Hi, Have just built SET 42078-1 - Mack Anthem Counted the parts, some remarks on the inventory: Part 3021 - Dark Bluish Gray - Plate 2 x 3 - Inventory (AND Lego Building Instructions inventory PDF) state quantity 2, but Instructions show 3. Bag 3 - 1 part and bag 4 - 2 parts. Part 63864 - Flat Silver - Tile 1 x 3 - Inventory (AND LEGO BI PDF) state quantity 2, but There *is* not one and it is *not* in the building instructions. Counted the spare parts (Sorted by part-id and color) Attached my complete 42078 inventory spreadsheet (in open doc format) LEGO 42078 Mack Anthem inventory.ods
  10. Notice beforehand. This ONLY occurs om MOC sets (due to downcasing the set name?) No problem if I add regular LEGO sets. How the bug can be reproduced by us (if possible). Create a new list (I want a to-be-build list) Use some set and on the set page "add to a list" - works fine export the list (only Rebrickable CSV available - so choose that) Use the file without modification and use the "My custom lists" dialogs to (file)import the set list Results in my case: Import Results: Processing flat file Converting parts/colors from scheme: RB Failed to find any items Errors: Set moc-6946 not found What browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you were using when the bug occurred, and which version. Firefox 51.0.1 (32 bits) Google Chrome 56.0.2924.87 Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 What operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) you were using when the bug occurred, and which version. Windows 10 Home 64bit at current maintanance
  11. Thank you, Thea. I do not see a button "close this discussion"; so I assume you close this topic?
  12. Part 11455 has currently the description: Black Technic, Pin Connector Perpendicular 2 x 4 Bent I do not know of other parts that have the color in the description. Maybe change (no color, no comma) into Technic Pin Connector Perpendicular 2 x 4 Bent Thank you for this great tool!
  13. Thank you both, I understand now. Just looked strange at first sight a Mecedes logo as "Minifig Accesory" but a shield is a shield :-)