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  1. Oh, and I just found this great article explaining the whole thing! https://rebrickable.com/blog/2016/mysterious-slope
  2. Thanks a lot to both of you for the explanations!
  3. Thank you! And for these parts, the functionality is not the same?
  4. Hi, I just did a Build search ignoring mold variations. For a specific MOC, I need 5x part 92946 in dbg. I only have 4 of it. However, I have 4x part 15672 in dgb. It should be good. But no. I am under the impression that theses two parts are not considered mold variation. Is it a mistake? Thanks, Sebastien
  5. Thanks! Should I send change requests for sets I owned that have part 97389 instead of 4497? Or should I just send you a list of the sets that requires a switch?
  6. Hi, I was wondering why the flat end and round end of the minifig pike / spear have not been differentiated since the introduction of the flat end 10 years ago? Thanks, Sebastien
  7. Hi, I have just opened set 75954-1and one of the three extra rock (30153) is Trans-Purple instead of the Trans-Bright Green listed in the set inventory. Is it a mistake or maybe the three spare rocks are randomly distributed in the sets? Can anybody else confirm the color of their spares rocks? As a note, my two other spare rocks are Trans-Red and Trans-Dark Blue as listed in the inventory. Thanks, Sebastien
  8. Thank you and keep up the very good work!
  9. Hi, It seems that some of the shields are under Tiles Printed and others are under Tiles Special. Is there a reason for not having all of them under one category. My preference is to have them under Tiles Printed. What is the way forward if you agree? Thanks, Sebastien
  10. Hi, I am not able to see my lost parts when I go to My Lego ---> My Lost Parts. However, I know that these parts are considered lost because they are not counted when looking for these piece in All My Parts. Am I the only one with this problem? Thanks, Sebastien
  11. Hi, Can it be possible to make a change to have the same number at the two places? Or have, at the second picture above, 2x + 1x extra? Thanks, Sebastien
  12. I want to apologies. This was related yo an old issue that seems to havec been solved with the new version. I thought it was still present because I've noticed a similar problem with extra parts. The number of parts available for a specific part in a specific colour (3) is different when sorting through my sets containing the part in question (2). Plaese see images below. It does not include the spare part in the last image. Is this a bug? Thanks. Sebastien