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  1. Good Morning (at least it is here), Everyone. I'm looking to put together the Holiday Train to go around my Christmas village. I'm brand new to LEGO trains, so I'm wondering if what I'm really wanting is this Complete Holiday Train Collection My initial plan is to part out a couple of Constitution Train Chase Sets to get the wheel assemblies and a handful of other parts that I need. So I guess I'm asking for some advice. What kind of track and motor should I use? What other sets have a lot of the same parts? Do you have any suggestions for replacements for high-priced or hard to find parts? For instance, the windowsare a doozey. I need 12, but in white, they cost ~$5.00 a piece! I figure I'll just use another color, but would welcome any other creative ideas. Also, I figure for the toys, I can use just about anything to fill up that car. Same with minifigs. Thanks in advance! Happy building. Play well together.