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  1. bachaddict

    Technic 40th Anniversary chassis

    I can't build a custom list to see if I need to buy all three sets
  2. Has this model been submitted? I started submitting, but didn't know what number it should get
  3. bachaddict

    Parts Already Used Feature

    That's a cool feature Nathan, useful if I've added a MOC's parts a few at a time as I was able to order them.
  4. I saw the disclaimer at the bottom of the site about LEGO not endorsing it. That made me wonder, as Nathan's had contact from LEGO as a pre-release reviewer, what sort of comments did they have on the site in general?
  5. Thanks, that was quick! What was the problem?
  6. bachaddict

    What Does It Take For You To Rebuild A Moc?

    If a MOC promises to be interesting to build or play with, I'll build it. If I'm missing pieces I work around them. Incidentally, only Technic MOCs are interesting! Crowkiller's supercars seem to have pretty similar functions, so buying the instructions isn't worth it for me. Most of the rock crawlers on Rebrickable also don't offer new functions. I intend to buy Sheepo's instructions, but I want to know if I can work around the missing pieces before I pay!
  7. I have the default build options set to ignore colours and all part matching options checked. Recently when I go to a set or MOC page, the % shown in the Build This MOC button is calculated by my settings, but when I click it, it is built with exact matching and no options checked. When I visit a set from the What Can I Build search, it does use my settings. Reproducing this bug: Go to What can I build? and change your settings. Save them. Go to a MOC page directly, like the Pony Car. Click Build This MOC, noting the % on the button. See if the build options are different from what you saved, and if the % you have has changed. Browser: Chrome 39.0.2171.95 m OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1
  8. Silly me, didn't even think of using lost parts for that!
  9. My pet peeve with set revisions is Rebrickable telling me I don't have enough of the new style 16T clutch gear, but I have them from the latest four Technic flagships. 8880 is another example, one part comes in a pin hole and an axle hole version.
  10. This is an important feature for fixing a mistake (e. g. nonexistent colour) that appears in multiple MOCs. Or when I bought the hockey spring piece, I wanted to find which MOCs I could now build using it.