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    How are part prices determined when they are displayed in my loose parts inventory?
    I ask because the minifigure legs in the link below are reported in my inventory to be worth about $120.00.  But if you check the link below, you can clearly see that the price of most sellers seems to be closer to $2.00.  How would this discrepancy come about?  This would seem to imply to me that perhaps the prices displayed on the inventory page and thus the expected value of the whole inventory would be inflated.
    In short it would be helpful to know how these parts are valued, so that I can judge how close the stated value is to what I can expect to sell the part for.
    Thank you very much in advance for any response.  And v3 is very awesome.  Thank you so much for the effort you put forward in adding alot of functionality that I have been looking for.