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  1. Pretty low priority, but it would be nice if a couple of improvements could be made to this. The most useful, I think, would be to include all the parts that are displayed using a 'similar image'. Right now, they aren't in this list, despite having no images. Another useful addition would be the ability to filter out Stickers and parts in the Non-LEGO category. Somewhat related, I think it would be cool to be able to choose which images are displayed when viewing an inventory - Photo, LDraw, LEGO or 'Best' (which would be the current implementation). Obviously default to best. That way, it would be really easy to see which parts are missing photos when viewing a set inventory. Could be applied to any list of parts for that matter. J
  2. Is there a problem with the comment editor? When I try to reply to a comment, I have to go into source mode to type anything, and then when I toggle back to wysiwyg mode the content disappears (still there in source mode). It seems to work fine in the comment box that appears at the bottom of a page for adding a new top level comment, but when I click on reply the inline editor that pops up seems pooched. Tried it in Chrome and Edge, same result. J
  3. The 'instructions' for that model are provided in the form a LEGO Digital Designer file. On the main MOC page, click on the 'Building Instructions' tab. There should be a link to the .lxf file. You need to download that file onto your computer and open it in LEGO Digital Designer. Rebrickable allows creators to upload instructions in many forms, so not all of them are step by step PDF files. There are many that are 3D files in various forms (LEGO Digital Designer, LDraw,, etc). It can take a LOT of time and effort to create PDF instructions, so this allows more people to contribute and share their models.
  4. I'm also having problems with Bricksafe. Just tried to upload some instructions to a folder, which seemed to work, but then when I try to go to that page I get a Server Error (500) message. J
  5. Incorrect torso part mapping... Bricklink Rebrickable ID 973c17 - Bricklink ID should be 973c78 - Thanks in advance! J
  6. Now that Rebrickable has an integrated marketplace for instructions, have you thought about revisiting the 'Tip Jar/Donation' suggestion? I'm pretty sure someone suggested it years ago. I really like the idea of keeping my instructions freely available to the community, but having a way for those who can afford it to show their appreciation via making a donation. Rebrickable could take a small percentage for facilitating the donation. J
  7. I would also like to see another sort option that sorted by the date added/submitted. I often find that what I really want to see, especially when browsing designers' MOCs, is what they have most recently added to Rebrickable. The 'Year' option doesn't work very well for this, as within a year, I still want to see what is most recent, and I know I often post instructions for models I've built in previous years. J
  8. Oh, cool. Thanks for this. Now I don't have to worry about missing comment notification e-mails. J
  9. Awesome, thanks, just got a comment notification and it seems to be working! J
  10. Minor issue, but the link to 'View or Reply to Comment' in the comment notification e-mails 'breaks' the site. For example, this is one URL I just got. Clicking on it takes you to the top of the MOC page, but when you scroll down, no comments are visible. The root url, with just the comment anchor, works fine, and takes you directly to the comment. It appears the extra parameters are messing up the page. Apologies if this is known, or already reported. Couldn't find it in the forum. J
  11. I noticed the URLs for MOC pages has change in V3, and that if you go to a MOC via rebrickable it uses: but that this short form also works: and that this redirect still works for legacy MOCs, but not new ones: I have a lot of links to MOC pages on my website, and wanted to confirm what I should do. 1. For new mocs, is it safe to use the short form? 2. For old mocs, will the old redirects be maintained indefinitely (or at least for the foreseeable future)? Sorry if this was discussed before, I couldn't find anything via the search. J
  12. Cool. I took a look at the API after I posted this and noticed I can get the part number/color from the LEGO Element ID using it. So great that all this data is there already. Such a great site, that keeps on getting better!
  13. Any way to import parts into a parts list using just the unique LEGO Element ID instead of the design id and colour? Probably not worth implementing unless the back end already supports it easily. I noticed you can search using the element id and it will route you to the correct part. Do you have the element IDs mapped to the design ID and colour somewhere?
  14. Similar to the main page, where you can see all the most recent comments, is there a place to see all the most recent comments but for just my own MOCs? J