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  1. You can find the husky model (undecorated) on this page: I've found a few ldraw files over the years on that site that weren't in the LDraw repository (official or unofficial). FYI, if I'm looking for an ldraw part I often just try to google it. For example, for the husky if you google 'ldraw 16606', that website is the 3rd result, at least for me. I've often found ldraw files for parts in out of the way places on the web on occasion through google. J
  2. From what I can tell, the only data that's included in the parts/{part_num}/colors/{color_id} response that's not included in the parts/{part_num}/colors/ response are the 'year_from' and 'year_to' fields. Is there any way we can get those fields added to the response of the higher level colors response as well? It seems a little arbitrary that that data is left out when all the other details are included. Maybe have an 'inc_color_details' parameter if you don't want to always include it? Like the 'inc_part_details' on the main part list api call. It would prevent a tonne of extra api calls to get that data for each part's color. J
  3. Cool, looking forward to tags being implemented. I think they will be handy. Thanks for all the work you all put into maintaining the database! J
  4. Is there a reason these are all lumped into one category? I consider the 'Plastics and cloth' parts to be a considerably different type of part than the build-able 'Flags and signs' parts. Thoughts on splitting this category up? When using the API, it's really easy to ignore 'non-buildable' parts like stickers because they are in their own category. I would love to see the cloth and plastic film parts to be in their own category as well. J
  5. Awesome, thanks for the addition, works great! J
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I'm sure I can get something to work with all the info provided. J
  7. There doesn't appear to be any response data associated with any of the API calls to determine if a part is printed or not. Is there? Or do we just use the naming convention to determine this? IE. any part with px000, pe000, pr000, pb000, p000 is printed? Is that a safe assumption? Along the same lines, in the regular web interface for searching parts there is an 'Include Printed Parts' filter that can be applied. Is there any way to apply a similar filter when using the '/api/v3/lego/parts/' api call? No real worries if this isn't part of the API. Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything. J
  8. Personally, would be nice to have the option for Canadian dollars. J
  9. Really? Build Better Bricks has premium MOCs full of trademarked terms. It's one thing to sell instructions for a 'Big Hairy Monkey', but I'm pretty sure Nintendo wouldn't be keen on them selling instructions for 'Donkey Kong', or any of the other Nintendo owned characters they have models for. Not to mention all the other licensed properties in their portfolio. Also, I'm pretty sure it is illegal to profit from derivative artworks made of copyrighted characters. This has been discussed ad nauseam with respect to fan art, and you can find much discussion of it on the web. That's why companies like LEGO have to make license agreements. I mean, I get that you are just hosting other people's work, and it would be a pain to vet every model being posted, but there are some premium models on here that are pretty blatantly profiting from the copyrighted work of other people. Not that I'm suggesting you really need to do anything about it. All the T-Shirt companies have no problem selling derivative artworks until the copyright holders send their DMCA takedown requests, then they just take them down. Just don't be surprised if Rebrickable starts getting some at some point. J
  10. Up until recently (like, yesterday?, a few days ago?) a URL like this would work Now they get redirected to the search page. Is this broken or have support for these URLs been deprecated? J
  11. Awesome, thanks. Will remember that for the future. You guys are awesome! J
  12. Is this where we report a missing association with a LEGO element ID? Part 10201 in Dark Bluish Gray ( is missing an alternate LEGO Element Id. Current it only lists 6231853 It should also list 6271127 This can be easily verified by looking up Design Number 28802 on Bricks and Pieces. J
  13. Pretty low priority, but it would be nice if a couple of improvements could be made to this. The most useful, I think, would be to include all the parts that are displayed using a 'similar image'. Right now, they aren't in this list, despite having no images. Another useful addition would be the ability to filter out Stickers and parts in the Non-LEGO category. Somewhat related, I think it would be cool to be able to choose which images are displayed when viewing an inventory - Photo, LDraw, LEGO or 'Best' (which would be the current implementation). Obviously default to best. That way, it would be really easy to see which parts are missing photos when viewing a set inventory. Could be applied to any list of parts for that matter. J