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  1. Awesome, thanks, just got a comment notification and it seems to be working! J
  2. Minor issue, but the link to 'View or Reply to Comment' in the comment notification e-mails 'breaks' the site. For example, this is one URL I just got. Clicking on it takes you to the top of the MOC page, but when you scroll down, no comments are visible. The root url, with just the comment anchor, works fine, and takes you directly to the comment. It appears the extra parameters are messing up the page. Apologies if this is known, or already reported. Couldn't find it in the forum. J
  3. I noticed the URLs for MOC pages has change in V3, and that if you go to a MOC via rebrickable it uses: but that this short form also works: and that this redirect still works for legacy MOCs, but not new ones: I have a lot of links to MOC pages on my website, and wanted to confirm what I should do. 1. For new mocs, is it safe to use the short form? 2. For old mocs, will the old redirects be maintained indefinitely (or at least for the foreseeable future)? Sorry if this was discussed before, I couldn't find anything via the search. J
  4. Cool. I took a look at the API after I posted this and noticed I can get the part number/color from the LEGO Element ID using it. So great that all this data is there already. Such a great site, that keeps on getting better!
  5. Any way to import parts into a parts list using just the unique LEGO Element ID instead of the design id and colour? Probably not worth implementing unless the back end already supports it easily. I noticed you can search using the element id and it will route you to the correct part. Do you have the element IDs mapped to the design ID and colour somewhere?
  6. Similar to the main page, where you can see all the most recent comments, is there a place to see all the most recent comments but for just my own MOCs? J
  7. Awesome, thanks! Clearly I was blind. J
  8. Really? It's definitely not obvious how to do this. I see where I can change all the other data about the MOC, but not the inventory. I also can't find any way to move it back to WIP. Any chance you can describe exactly where this is done. I must be blind. J
  9. So I submitted my combination safe a couple of days ago, but it turns out the mechanism I was using relies on the friction of 2 pins being within a certain range. If you are unlucky enough to use pins with different tolerances you might have problems with the third disc inadvertently rotating with the second disc. Anyway, I have since improved the design to make it more reliable and uploaded a new set of instructions to my website. There are only a handful of parts that are different. Is there a preferred protocol for handling MOC inventory changes? Uploading an entirely new MOC seems a bit excessive. Any way I can just update the inventory myself by submitting a new ldr file? Or should I just manually submit an inventory change request (this also seems like a lot of work, and prone to error)? Thanks, J
  10. Thanks guys! Took me completely by surprise. I'm super excited to see what they do with it! J
  11. Just tried it out. Has potential for sure, but without MPD and comment support it doesn't do much in the current ecosystem. I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves. I'm actually kind of excited about such a 'big player' taking on a project like this in the LDraw space. All the fan built tools are awesome, but they are all in various states of disrepair for one reason or another. J
  12. Thanks! I'm sure you have bigger things to work on than these minor issues. Much appreciated. J
  13. Hmm, I just change my URL, and it seems to take. Definitely updated when I go back, and if I try to upload a new MOC the field there is updated. But it isn't reflected on the page for any of my existing MOCs. For example: Where it says "This custom MOC set was created by Jason Allemann", the hyperlink for "Jason Allemann" is still pointing to the old URL. Will this only affect new MOCs? J
  14. Just noticed this now. Thanks so much Nathan! J
  15. I'm sure improvements to the MOC search are already low down on Nathan's priority list, and apologies if there is already a topic somewhere about this (I couldn't find it if there is). Regardless, I think adding the ability to sort and filter the search results would be a great addition to the site, especially now that there are so many MOCs here. In particular I would really like to sort the results by date added. Sometimes if I'm gone for a long time I want to come back and see what MOCs have been added since I last visited. The 'Newest MOCs' display is nice if you visit fairly often (and is even better now that it shows 2 rows), but if you miss some that have gone off that list you have no idea (or at least I haven't been able to figure out some way to find them). I would also really like to be able to filter the results by more criteria, for example by instruction type and whether the instructions are free or not. A filter to only show alternate models might also help people find MOCs that they will more easily be able to build. You have all this metadata for the MOCs, it would be really nice to use it in the search. J