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  1. Thanks TobyMac. My mistake was, I was trying to delete the parts from "All My Parts" list. Now sorted, so once again - thanks!
  2. How do I delete a part from the part list that was added incorrectly? I accidentley added part no.3063a when it should have been 3063b! I have tried using "negative" numbers in the 'Add this part to List/Inventory'; but this does not work? Any ideas?
  3. Dried beans reminds me of "National Dried Peas"!! Those old enough to remember rationing (yes, I am that old) will remember these. They came in large metal tins and were the consistency of lead bullets. To be made edible they needed saoking overnight in water. I also remember they made good 'loads' for my 00 gauge model ailway wagons!
  4. Hi biodreamer, and thanks for reading & replying to my post. I had not thought of beads, and I will explore what is available. Weight would be the main consideration, but local craft stores may have what I want.
  5. Hi! I build a lot of Technic Lego, and like to "test out" the models. Vehicles such as cranes can easily be tested with suitable Lego parts, etc. But vehicles like bulldozers, loading shovels, etc. need something else. Some designers show their models outside in soil and sand. I am a little wary of this, not wanting to damage or wear out my Lego. What (if anything?) do other builders use? I have tried the obvious - small Lego bricks; but these have two snags. They are light, and tend to be 'shoved around' rather than being picked up. Also, having square sides and corners, they often jam or refuse to be picke up easily. Any ideas?? The items would need to be reasonably heavy, not too expensive, and probably easily obtained. Oh, and suitable for use on the living room carpet!
  6. Hi everybody! I am a new member of ReBrickable, and have just begun exploring the forums. I have (original!) copies of all 4 Technic ideas books. If anyone wants a copy of any page, I can scan and e-mail these. I have built quite a few of the "ideas" models. Although "official" Lego ideas - not ALL models work as seen in the books! Surprising, I know. My interest in Technic Lego goes back over 35 years. In particular, the two models at the end of book 8888 do not work properly! The 'programmable crane' is the easist to fix. It does not have a brake on the hook winch! The result is that it will pick a load up, and then drop it! You need to devise a system of elastic bands and pressure brake on the axle or winch drum!! The last model, which is supposed to draw a type of 'graph' line(s) on a till roll. The straight gear pieces are supposed to stay fixed to the old style Lego crawler track. They don't! As they pass under the small gears - they get pulled off! I have rebuilt this several times - and never got it to work. I finally wrote to Lego UK to query this! After a while, they wrote back - admitting defeat! They had tried to build the model, and get it working. The only solution they came up with was to use sellotape! Their excuse was that the books were produced in Denmark, and the UK division was not responsible for them! If you want any scans of pages, e-mail me at "[email protected]" I can e-mail as JPEG's or PDF documents.