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  1. 1. MOC-1092 2. MOC-1071 3. MOC-1135 I have tried to build an alternate of 42004 and failed, so my points goes with uttermost respect to people who have succeeded in building alts for it!
  2. If you visit the link then you can see it from all possible angles
  3. It's time that I did more than simply promoting these competitions in my lug. Here is an alternate of the Creator set: A dragon! It should be available at rebrickable once the moderation process has accepted it. Until then you can go directly to the instructions here: I have tried to make it durable and playable, and it is very posable as well. I crave to create crazy alts of creators
  4. And that shows you not to use fancy gmail tricks to keep track on the sites that you are signed up for... or at least to remember the "tricks" that you have used. (gmail allows you to add "+word" to the address in order to see where mails come from)
  5. That's the thing. I'm fairly certain the password is correct (I am using a browser add-on for it), so something must have gone wrong.
  6. I seem to have found a deadlock. I have been logged out of rebrickable, but can't log back in with my old credentials. I have used the change e-mail function once, but logging in and requesting password reset works on neither of these e-mails. Similarly, I can't see the e-mail used on this forum because it refers to
  7. OK. I just have to be faster! But now that you are here. Thanks for implementing the e-mail change... and the "show many related" models!
  8. I promoted the competition in my Lug, but since they are mostly building-builders, they had little interest. Promoting it more on the social services (and submit it to Brothers Brick) might help a lot. I am looking into saving screenshots from brigl-renderings which currently works with mpd/ldr files. This might ease the "take a picture" process. Apart from that there is not really much that can be done other than automatic inventories from the mpd/ldr/ldd source. Perhaps the "fixing colors, quantities, etc." part of the upload procedure could be easier to use, but there is only so much which can be done. I agree, but I also think that Creator sets have a huge advantage since they are so easy to build alternate models off of. Remember that an alternate model must be both visually appealing and fun to play with if you want people to attempt to build their own. The focus on basic parts in Creator sets makes these two goals even easier to achieve. The time frame was perfect. I was not able to get the set, but one month is very standard. I prefer to either have a set as a price and even better: A badge on my profile if I win and a badge on the model showing that it won. I don't think that would be necessary. Now onto my own idea. I think it would be great if the site had a monthly competition like this but where the prices have no real value. This competition could be largely automated and put on into the hands of helpers. The idea is simple: - A set is choosen. This set should not be too big, should be readily available and it should be good for B-modelling. - The competition runs one month. - The winner is the entry with most views or building attemps (whichever combination is preferred) at the deadline - The winner gets a medal on the model and a medal for the owner. - The top 10% could get runner-up trophies. - You can submit as many models as you want. - At the beginning of the competition an LDD and LDraw file is made available with the parts of the set (such as was done with this competition) For larger competitions with real prices I recommend contacting LEGO for sets which can be given as prices. LEGO should be appreciative of the attention that it gets from this site to purchase their products.
  9. I suggest that the topics which have either been completed or rejected (See "(Completed)" and "(Rejected)" in the topic listing) are kept unlocked so that we can show out gratitude by saying "Thank you".
  10. This is quite a problem for me. The old e-mail that I used to register with has now been disabled so I can't see any of the rebrickable mails, nor change to an active account.
  11. There are now 8 alternates of this set, but only 6 are shown with their picture on the main page. Shouldn't there be enough space to show a small picture of all the alternate builds? One could perhaps use the full width of the page to show alternates, perhaps even in a banner like the "latest additions" on the front page.
  12. In my lug (Byggepladen) we had a huge success with a similar competition. Back then you were allowed to use any set up to a certain parts/price limit. My avatar is from that contest Best of luck with this new competition - it is a great idea.
  13. My problem with Duplo, Primo and other is that they clutter the search results. Search for a set like 31000 and you get a lot of primo elements together with the official set and mocs. The individual parts should at least be shown separate and the mocs should not be shown last!
  14. When visiting the site while not logged in, the front page seems very static until you scroll down a lot. I suggest adding a banner near the top showing the latest moc and sets that have been added. This further increases exposure to new mocs and gives a better impression about what goes on behind the curtain. The drawback would be a less stylistic front page.