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  1. When trying to Upload/Replace an existing parts list: Select Brickstore from list Browse/select file Click Replace ERROR: Invalid BrickOwl Order ID Allan
  2. Yes I am aware of the 'similar'/'exact' colour settings - I always select exact. (3062b -yes, sorry typo in email) The point is that after analysing my stock of bricks it told me I do not have a yellow crown, yellow pins and yellow 1x1` brick round. It also says I am missing yellow coins. It should be telling me the correct colours for the part I need to buy.
  3. When I checked to see if I could build this set from my parts it reported 30626 and 8749 missing in yellow and 71015 missing in yellow. The inventory shows there are no parts at all in yellow in this set. They are respectively tan, tan and chrome gold