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  1. As suggested by Nathan I'm starting a new thread to request that Rebrickable allow multiple part lists please. You could call it "My Part Lists" and it would work analogously to the current "My Set Lists" feature. Thanks!
  2. Splitting our sets into different set lists (one set list per pool) and then enabling only the relevant set list as I cycled through the desired list of MOCs for that pool was exactly how I figured out which extra parts we needed to buy (a somewhat scary list in itself!). My resulting list of extra parts is almost certainly not minimal but it does mean that junior can choose any one `car', any one `digger' and any one `crane' from the list and we will (eventually) have the required parts in hand. Using the approach you suggest I could determine the minimal collection of extra parts necessary for any particular selection of MOCs. However, the drawback is that I would have to cycle through all combinations of any one `car', any one `digger' and any one `crane' and keep the maximum count for each different part from every one of these combinations to make sure that I had enough parts in hand to satisfy all possible requests. Allow even just three choices for each pool (`car', `digger' and `crane') and the number of combinations is painful. Add one more MOC choice to any pool and compare how hard it is to recompute what extra parts you need to obtain using each approach. I'm trading some more extra parts for much less computational complexity given my self imposed requirements. Please don't misunderstand my intentions. I'm not trying to dismiss your approach which works and has other separate uses, I'm just trying to lay out some of the pros and cons which may well differ depending on your requirements. For all I know the poster above and I may be the only two people interested in multiple parts lists or the feature may just be too painful to implement. Thanks again!
  3. I'd love to have this function please! My son would like us to build every snazzy MOC he can find and keep it forever. Daddy's wallet says "No". As a compromise we have separate `pools' of sets and parts, e.g., there is a `diggers pool' (which contains the 8265 and 8455 sets and enough extra parts to alternatively make one of Biker's motorized version of the 8265 or D3K's Swingloader Mark Two), a `cars pool' (which contains the 41999 set and almost enough extra parts to make one of Madoca's AWD SUV or Piterx's Polaris) and a `cranes pool'. At any time my son can choose one MOC for us to build from each pool (so one `digger', one `car' and one `crane'). I guess I could kludge the separate pools by registering one account per pool (each with it's own sets and parts collection) but it would be nice not to have to do that. Thank you for Rebrickable regardless of whether this request is implemented or not!