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  1. Hi! So whenever I buy and build a new set I love seeing what spare parts are left (usually just 1x1 circles and plates) and I take a photo and then check rebrickable (of cause). Most time spare parts are there, but not always. What is the best way to add a spare parts list to a set? I guess from the set page itself and the "Submit a Change to this Set/Inventory". What info needs to be included? Is there a single part number I need to add? Or is it two at minimum? eg so for Rebrickable ID: 6141 in Transneon orange (1707) just write 6141 in 1707? Do I add hyperlinks to make it easier for the changes to happen (and how)? I have a number of sets I would like to help.
  2. Ok. So my failure to add my MOC may have been the result of another problem. You can not add moc sets from http://rebrickable.com/mymocs or its links as this is a different page/design from http://rebrickable.com/mocs So you can not add private MOCs to your owned sets, only public MOCs through their public page. Which should not be a problem. I think my problem now is that my MOC is meant to be public as http://rebrickable.com/mocs/DQOD/anakin but the page just says "set not found" (hence has no link to add to owned sets, etc) Is this because I have some long corrugated pipe (Rebrickable ID: 71946) in the set, that keeps saying it does not exist and so will not publish publicly? I have tried replacing the part number with other part numbers, but they all say they do not exist and I do not know what else to change it to. or do I need to change it in LDD? or something else completely?
  3. Can you include your own mocs as owned sets? Say I drew something on LDD then bought all the parts from bricklink or pickabrick (or stole them from my parents lego collection...) and now have a stand alone set of these parts. I submit it as a MOC. For other peoples MOCs I can add to my list of owned sets, but not my own MOC. Am I missing something?