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  1. Unfortunately, the bug persists.
  2. For some reason this part is categorized as a gear on Bricklink. Thankfully it can now be accessed via mapping on Rebrickable, but cannot be exported to Bricklink wanted list.
  3. sheo

    Element IDs

    Yes, please, bring back the lists of Element IDs!
  4. sheo

    No image available

    Isn't it better to replace those useless placeholders with more useful information e.g. external part mappings? Just look at the part popups (not to mention v2). Besides, even if the part has both Lego and LDraw renders, they don't add anything new to each other, so why displaying them simultaneously? On the contrary, part photos may be much more useful (if present), and I'd prefer to see more of them, maybe on a separate page.
  5. sheo

    No image available

    Currently part pages show all of the part images simultaneously. However, most of the parts don't have part photos, a lot of parts don't have LDraw renders, and some even don't have LEGO renders. So most of the time part pages have one or more of those big ugly "No image available" placeholders (example). Isn't it more reasonable to show one primary image (usually a LEGO render) by default and allow users to switch to other available pictures and photos or perhaps open a separate page with all those pictures? This would also allow to extend the part photos functionality.
  6. sheo

    3D models of parts

    Please bring back the rotating 3D models of LDraw parts. They were very useful in v2, and now even Bricklink has them, but not Rebrickable v3. Please add them back!
  7. sheo

    Submitted changes

    I can't find the list of my submitted changes and requests, where has it gone?
  8. Please restore the notes on mold variations of treasure chests here and here. Currently they are completely broken. Although these parts cannot be used in inventories, the notes may still be useful.
  9. Small suggestions regarding the new part photos feature: 1. Allow magnification of photos. 2. Add additional categories of photos: mold variations, alternative angle (e.g. undersides of parts) etc. 3. Allow adding photos to assemblies, kits and other unusable parts (which is currently not possible) - this may be helpful when searching parts from other catalogs. 4. Show who submitted the photo (compare to Bricklink).
  10. sheo

    Element IDs

    Is it possible to view all Element IDs of a certain part like it was in v2?
  11. sheo

    Element IDs

    I can't find Element IDs of parts on part pages, where are they now?
  12. sheo

    Part photos

    Part photos are a nice new feature, but how does it work? Do we need to submit one photo per part or one photo per color?
  13. Am I the only one who thinks that the colors of the new LDraw renders look weird? For example, "Blue" and "Dark Blue" look like Medium and Dark Azure. Lego's Dark Blue: Lego's Blue: LDraw's "Dark Blue": LDraw's "Blue": Lego's Dark Azure: Lego's Medium Azure:
  14. Editing of comments for parts results in their duplication:
  15. Not all of the related parts are shown on part pages and part popups. For example, part 15573 is not shown as an alternate to 3794a: Also part pairs are not shown. E.g. part 43723 is not shown as a pair of 43722. Another issue:
  16. It seems that the forum has lost the link leading to the main site.
  17. I can understand excluding users with no inventory at all from rankings, however, the same number of users appears in the loose parts stats: Does it mean that people with no sets but with loose parts still don't count as 'proper' users on Rebrickable?
  18. Some time has passed, and now it says: So the numbers do change, although their meaning is still unclear.
  19. Missing Bricklink IDs: 2431pr0080 - 2431pb429 87079pr0083 - 87079pb239 3068bpr0279 - 3068bpb0683 3068bpr0278 - 3068bpb0682
  20. Please update Bricklink ID of head 11816pr0027 to 25017.
  21. Please move part 25892 from Other to Minifig Accessories. Please move part 25974 from Other to Minifig Accessories. Additionally, remove obsolete Bricklink ID bb735. Thanks!
  22. I also checked global stats, and they say Rebrickable has 96118 users, not 55229.
  23. I've added one set and now it says: Do these numbers make any sense?
  24. 1. Element ID for part 16770 in Dark Purple is 6132861. 2. Element ID for part 14719 in Blue is 6129747.
  25. My stats page says: So my rank is much lower than the total number of users! If this is a bug indeed, I hope it will be fixed in v3.