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  1. Very useful forum tags for parts and sets on Rebrickable do not work anymore: [part]3001[/part] [set]8043-1[/set]
  2. When I tried to import an LDD model into a private MOC, parts 4162 were automatically changed to 4162pr0050.
  3. 4085b can be found in sets as an alternate to 60897 even nowadays.
  4. In my opinion, the weak point of this competition is that it doesn't encourage voters to compare contestants like normal competitions do. Imagine a movie critic who watched a single movie in 2016 (from his favorite director) and liked it and suggests it as the best movie of the year just because he hasn't watched all other movies. In other words, the winner of such competition is not necessary the best MOC in terms of design, complexity, instructions quality etc, it's just the most popular MOC.
  5. Another issue: LDD part 76537 is imported incorrectly: subpart 4255 is not recognized, subpart 4254 is imported as a separate entry, and subparts are not merged.
  6. Are you sure that the design Id of part 98138pr0057 is 98138 and not 26866 as the Lego site suggests?
  7. Please move Darth Vader's head 22370 (Bricklink ID 22372pb01) from Minifigs to Bionicle, because it's a large head similar to heads like this one and should not be confused with minifig-sized Darth Vader's helmets.
  8. Thanks! Only one small correction is needed: the train motor is now being imported as White instead of Black.
  9. Here they are: L-motor; Servo motor; And also a train motor (54754).
  10. It was just an old admin decision to move Element IDs to the mold entries (a/b/...) judging by their pictures. It seemed reasonable since Element IDs are not mold-specific. My apologies if that rule has been changed.
  11. A small note: unfortunately Element ID 4556156 (Yellow) depicts the old mold 60470a with straight clips. Compare it to Element ID 6093459 (Bright Light Yellow) which shows rounded clips. To prevent confusion, it's better to move the former Element ID to entry 60470a.
  12. Part 61485 pairs with parts 60474, 87081, 11213, 18897 and 89523.
  13. L-motor (99499) and servo motor (99498) are not recognized by Rebrickable when importing LDD files.
  14. Do your receiver and remote blink when you push the control stick?
  15. It looks like a different head:
  16. A number of the parts in set 42053-1 are missing Element IDs and corresponding LEGO renders. Could you rescrape this set please?
  17. When using the build function, I would like to be automatically reminded if the missing parts can be found among the parts/sets not used for builds. PS Apologies if this has already been suggested or implemented in v3.
  18. Indeed, it's quite complicated. Perhaps some sudden idea will help to ease this issue later. But thanks anyway!
  19. I expected such reply. Anyway, how about the second issue I mentioned? Could you fix it please? It's very frustrating. For example, if I have a parts list with only 4500 unique items and I have subtracted a MOC consisting of 550 items, I won't be able to import it back.
  20. Please increase the size limit for loose parts lists from the current 5000 items (at least in v3). Furthermore, when I try to import something in an almost overfilled part list, I get a warning and nothing gets imported even if the new parts already exist in the part list, i.e. they would not increase the total number of items. For example, if I'm building a private MOC and have subtracted its parts from such part list, I can't import them back because of the warning, so I get stuck.
  21. It was only a suggestion, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!