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  1. As you wish. I just thought that the automatic approximation of MOCs' weights would be a really unique and quite useful feature.
  2. I meant it's unlikely that Lego will add a complex physics engine in a free software which they once almost abandoned. That's a good news! As for the accuracy of the weights, some approximation is definitely better than nothing. One of the scenarios I was thinking about is weight optimization when you track the change of weight after certain design tweaks.
  3. This is what I meant: The 1st color from the left is Trans-Clear, the 2nd is White, the 3rd is Red, the 4th is Trans-Red and so on. Different colors are easily distinguishable except for the transparent counterparts.
  4. Would they be so kind to provide this data for Rebrickable?
  5. Many MOC builders would agree that the weight of a model and its components is very important when building large MOCs, especially when you design it in digital editors and then try to build with physical bricks. Therefore it would be very useful if Rebrickable stored weight data for parts and calculated an approximate weight of MOCs judging by the number and type of used parts.
  6. I agree that alphabetical sorting of color names in all inventories (both part lists and set inventories) is not the best option, I hope it will be changed in Rebrickable v3. I have a related suggestion. Part usage tables on part pages are very useful for finding right parts in right colors (I guess this functionality will remain in Rebrickable v3), but transparent colors are mixed with non-transparent which is quite confusing. For example, thumbnails of Red and Trans-Red are almost identical and I need to read the tooltips every time to find out which is which. I suggest that transparent colors should be separated to make it clearer.
  7. You may use this forum topic to report missing sets.
  8. WIP sets are shown on the main page, in the section with welcome message and your avatar, under the title "Your pending Sets". Alternatively, here is a direct link. And here is the set page. However, I'd say there's no need to manually add such a large set since admins can easily borrow the whole inventory directly from Lego database. When it's done, you may check if the inventory is complete and suggest adding spare parts.
  9. It seems that the main site is working fine with https, but the link in the forum's header brings me back to the non-secure version.
  10. Most of them are working now, thanks! However, these two remain: Btw, you may add some proper LEGO IDs for the following colors in the color chart: 9 Light Reddish Violet (L.Redviol) 50 Phosphorescent White 294 Phosphorescent Green 329 White Glow
  11. Here is a simple solution: remove all BL and Peeron mappings from these 2 parts and then add the following mappings: on the page of part 71075 fill in BL and Peeron IDs as 71076 and add these 2 mappings; on the page of part 71076 fill in BL and Peeron IDs as 71075 and add these 2 mappings. There should be 4 mappings in total for BL and Peeron.
  12. Oh no, Peeron mappings were correct as well, there is no need to remove them too!
  13. I've noticed you restored BL mapping for 71075 but then removed BL mapping for 71076. It should be restored as well. In other words, there should be 2 BL mappings: from 71076 to 71075 and from 71075 to 71076.
  14. Thanks! Bricklink mapping for 71076 still needs to be restored though:
  15. Just to be clear, Rebrickable part 71075 should be mapped to Bricklink part 71076; Rebrickable part 71076 should be mapped to Bricklink part 71075. This issue was fixed long time ago by jantjeuh, there is no need to change anything.
  16. Thanks for adding the relationship to the parts! To be exact, there are 2 round holes in both ends with axle holders inside. I don't have the new part yet, I just checked LDD, but there are some photos in the review of the Caterham. The old part is just hollow. Btw, BrickLink mapping for part 71075 was correct, why did you remove it?
  17. Part 61485 pairs with parts 60474, 87081, 11213, 18897 and 89523.
  18. Thanks, Nathan! And thanks to Williew for reporting the issue! Two of my MOCs were affected and I didn't even know about that.
  19. As reported here, MOCs larger than 5050 parts do not show up in build searches.
  20. After you have set up your preferences in the advanced options and pressed the build button, navigate to the address bar and replace "maxpieces=5050" with something larger e.g. "maxpieces=30000", and then press enter.
  21. Part 25214 is an alternate of 71076 (the former has an axle hole).
  22. Several colors are being incorrectly imported from LDD: 50 Phosphorescent White - imported as Glow in Dark Trans instead of Glow in Dark Opaque 113 Tr.Medium Reddish Violet - not recognized (should be Trans-Dark Pink) 182 Tr. Bright Orange - imported as Trans-Neon Orange instead of Trans-Orange 294 Phosph.Green - imported as Glow in Dark Opaque instead of Glow in Dark Trans 315 Silver Metallic - imported as Metallic Silver instead of Flat Silver 324 Medium Lavender - not recognized 325 Lavender - not recognized 329 White Glow - not recognized (should be Glow in Dark White)