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  1. sheo

    Unknown Part

    Looks like 4266. Bricklink
  2. Rebrickable needs your help! If you own a printed part whose entry on Rebrickable has no base part (i.e. this entry is not marked as a print or pattern of some other part) and you were able to find a 4- or 5-digit number imprinted on the surface of the part (not the production code like 3-15, 31-01 etc.), please post this number in this thread. This will help us to improve parts catalog on Rebrickable. Thank you!
  3. It's not 64125, it's 54125: 54125pb01
  4. Does Bricklink have this item? Is there any reference?
  5. You may change single lots by clicking on their thumbnails or import an entire inventory using the usual import/export form which can be found below the green title "Parts Inventory List". It is collapsed by default.
  6. Make sure you have selected either sets or MOCs or both in the advanced build options.
  7. LDraw is basically a part library that can be used with various editors/viewers. Try Bricksmith for example. Refer to the complete list of MAC-compatible software here.
  8. Look for the "MOC Designer" option at the bottom of the list in the popup. It may be hidden because you've already submitted the MOC for approval. Try returning it to WIP state.
  9. On the contrary, they may be used in any way you like. For example, this decoration looks like drop-curtain, and this one is very good for creating ornaments on walls.
  10. Moved to Bricks Sloped. They shouldn't be moved to Minifigs because they are no different than other printed bricks.
  11. Added this one: bb60 It is already in the database: 3004pb052 Added.
  12. sheo

    Unknown Part

    Scala Jewelry Plate, Modified 2 x 2 (Human Bracelet segment)
  13. Please check out this Eurobricks post.
  14. Left bag is from 7663 'Sith Infiltrator'.
  15. 4213 Most Lego parts have their design IDs imprinted on them, usually on the underside.
  16. Manually edit your exported list according to this instruction. You need a <WANTEDLISTID> tag.
  17. Unfortunately we don't have suitable images for all of the variations of part 3183. Please use Bricklink or Peeron to see the difference.
  18. I've removed your previous attachments in this topic. You should be able to do the same by using the full editor when editing your posts.