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  1. Fixed this one. The other one is for jantjeuh.
  2. Fixed, almost every Element ID for transparent colors in those entries was misplaced. Thanks, Marchel!
  3. There might be also some images for Trans-Neon Orange that are actually Trans-Orange.
  4. Lucky-Ramses-2012, is everything OK with your Trans-Red parts? Could you please take a screenshot of them? There might be some images that are actually from Trans-Neon Orange.
  5. Sorry, jantjeuh, I didn't notice you'd been working on 30389. Please go on. Take it easy! I don't think it's a good idea. It's better to see some picture at such entries. And adding false LDraw mapping will hide the redirection warning.
  6. Please report here only issues that can be fixed. Thanks anyway!
  7. Checked all parts from the screenshots, fixed a few. Lucky-Ramses-2012, it would be helpful if you followed the recommendations mentioned in the first post i.e. provided links to the parts and Element IDs to replace the old images.
  8. Currently checking those parts to find if I can fix them. Please keep in mind that most of the old parts aren't listed in Lego cache. This also concerns color versions only used in old sets. I agree that the real colors look slightly different from the renders (especially in case of Trans-Light Blue). However, your photos were taken with dim lighting, so transparent colors look darker than they really are. Photos from Bricklink for Trans-Dark Blue / Trans-Medium Blue / Trans-Light Blue:
  9. Lucky-Ramses-2012, I recommend you to use a backup for your loose parts list.
  10. Previously used LDraw renders of transparent colors were much better - they were transparent indeed! Actually Trans-Dark Blue is derived from Bricklink. Lego (and Peeron) calls it Trans-Blue. Trans-Dark Blue (Trans-Blue) / Trans-Medium Blue (Trans-Fluorescent Blue) / Trans-Light Blue: Clearly distinguishable. In my opinion the only significant problem with the colors of Element ID images is metallic colors.
  11. They look close, but still distinguishable. Black / Dark Bluish Gray / Dark Gray / Light Bluish Gray / Light Gray Also, as you can see, black is rendered with slightly more significant gloss effect.
  12. 30116 and 30117 are different parts. Do you know which set had 30116 without print?
  13. Where have you got the undecorated 30116 from?
  14. If you look at these two parts, you will clearly understand that Rebrickable has been taken over by this guy:
  15. Searching for parts by category or color with no keywords given IS browsing!
  16. If something is not working properly, it should be fixed, not abandoned!
  17. If you got lost in your collection, you may open advanced search form, select proper parts category, tick "Show My Parts Only" option and start search!
  18. Nathan has already added an option to filter out printed parts from search results in any category, so new categories for printed parts aren't necessary.
  19. Since we don't have a separate category like Bricklink's "Brick, Round, Decorated", all decorated round bricks go to "Bricks Round and Cones".