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  1. I still have the bug even with your account.
  2. I can’t even add a new set in my set list. I removed the cookies but no way.
  3. Yes, I still have the bug even after the latest Firefox upgrade to Quantum.
  4. No, I just clicked on the Taj-Mahal image in the home page.
  5. I even get this error when I open this page.
  6. In fact, I can’t go quit the first stage.
  7. I already created sets and I have another one that’s not in the database. When I click to enter the image, a red pop-up complains that it’s forbidden (error 403). What’s going on?
  8. It would be a good idea to do it from here as it was possible before. Anyway, the import from bricklink failed too.
  9. I’d like to create the 571701-1 foil pack but I can’t add pieces. Either the bricklink shortcut refuses to work, either I can’t create by myself the pieces list like I used to create it earlier. What did I miss?
  10. The bug was in the config: network.http.sendRefererHeader was set to 0, I set it back to 2.
  11. It was CRSLPLN-1 Carousel plane. The set is not the problem, I can’t login in the website.
  12. I’m trying to access this page:
  13. I received a notification about a pendant set but I couldn’t log in this way (but I can log in the forum). Here is the full message: I use a referer control plugin but I did not find how to configure it in order to log in.