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  1. I'm just lazy. And the reason I didn't add more Nexo Knights last weekend was I noticed the Nexo powers were not being added :/ I just scraped the Ninjago sets and approved them without checking them, so there will be some errors more than likely.
  2. zurno

    Submitting a new set

    @Nathan will need to address whichever issues those are. In the meantime, the admin team can work on adding the sets that are missing for you if you list them here for us. Nathan forgot to include the page that showed what sets were missing that could be scraped in V3, so I am sure a lot more than usual are missing. Also, http://rebrickable.com/sets/75168-1/yodas-jedi-starfighter/
  3. Maybe make a separate suggestion for that. Seems to make sense.
  4. I also like this idea, but where to draw the line is definitely a problem. Maybe limit it to things with a fair amount of support or perceived usefulness. There would probably also need to be good ways to filter that kind of stuff back out for people who do not want to mess with those creations.
  5. Unfortunately too many sets have the incomplete tag still. Unless someone took care of that.
  6. Done (Other than needing to fix the quantity of one thing in https://www.rebrickable.com/sets/71017-21/the-lego-batman-movie-series-complete/#parts)
  7. I approved and added the figs for you quick. Not sure if you could add them the same as I can, basically the same was you add to a set list of your own but using the one that says set inventory. Not sure if that exists outside of admin accounts though.
  8. zurno

    Element IDs

    It looks like you can only see the complete list in the admin section. I hope @Nathancan find a nice way to make them more accessible since they can be useful.
  9. Bricklink has it nicely payed out the last I checked. Here part relationships should show up when looking at a part, but we don't have anything quite like what they have. http://www.bricklink.com/catalogRel.asp?utm_content=subnav Or more precisely http://www.bricklink.com/catalogRelList.asp?relID=3&catID=43
  10. Not sure if there is any sort of element ID import available, but there is an API if you want to see if you can accomplish what you want with it. http://rebrickable.com/api/
  11. Looks like that is the case with the motorcycle, though removing the wheels from the motorcycle isn't that big of a deal in my opinion.
  12. Inconsistencies happen due to us being humans, emphasis on the plural. I generally put the non building stuff into accessories like the play mats and other items. Supplement probably makes sense for the classic sets and building buckets that are just a massive assortment of bricks that sometimes don't have any instructions at all. Set and sub sets (including the classic sub sets that have instructions) should be considered normal even if they are very small as set size can be filtered. Just my thoughts though.
  13. The tricycle parts actually look to be considered separate parts by Lego, so the inventories should really be using the separate parts of the assembly. Subparts don't really work properly in v2, if an assembly is used in an inventory, it doesn't really recognize the subparts when doing build calculations.
  14. When something is as messed up as the tricycle assemblies, it is best to leave it to the forum discussion instead of making a ton of change requests.