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  1. I love building other people's MOCs. But recently I've been wishing that more people would do photo sequences. The instructions generated by LDD are so frustrating, and sometimes unusable, that it's not enjoyable to try to build. Photo sequences seem fairly easy to do, and let you get the order correct. The best instructions are probably done in LPub, with heavy customization, but that's a pretty high bar. Photo sequences seem more reasonable. At first I thought photo sequences weren't as "cool" as a nice LDD file, but in practice the instructions are just not very good.
  2. I build as many of the alternate builds as I can. The MOC alternate builds posted here are really what have gotten me in to playing with my kids Legos! I love seeing the creativity in making different things out of the sets. It's interesting how different sets are more or less popular in terms of the number of MOCs available. The 31006 Highway Speedster has a ton of MOCs, so many that I'll never finish building all of them! Other sets just have one or two MOCs. But I appreciate them all. I agree that the LDD instructions can be tough to deal with -- starting from the wrong place, putting together very fragile pieces in the wrong order, and so on. LDraw lets you customize the instructions and can be fantastic, but the author has to take the time to make the instructions work well. Still, I can usually figure out the model from the cruddy LDD instructions, although there definitely have been a couple of models that I had to give up on.
  3. This ends up being a problem because the "Close color" for some parts doesn't really exist in real life for some parts, as far as I can tell. So when I export a Bricklink wanted list, I'll end up with some parts that I cannot buy. Here's an example: If you look through the missing pieces, there are 2x 61409 in Light Bluish Gray. But that part doesn't exist in Light Bluish Gray, at least according to Brickset and the vendor sites such as Bricklink and Brickowl: The same problem happens in this example with part 3065 in Light Bluish Gray, which again doesn't exist. It's a transparent piece and only exists in transparent colors. Also, notice that part 3065 doesn't show up in the Missing Parts section of the page I linked, but does appear on