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  1. Simon

    Help with technic organising

    LOL Good question! I started 40 years ago as a programmer, after dropping out of university (Geology) , and been in IT my entire working life. You program in English, not in Dutch. All your documentation (pre-internet) is in English. So I am used to spending 8 hours a day in English, and then coming home and switching to Dutch again. At first, that's not so easy, but after a decade or so, I realized I was actually thinking in English and then speaking in Dutch. Nowadays, I dream in English. And as to the labels, English is about 40% shorter then Dutch, if I had to translate this post into Dutch it would take about 40% more characters. I mean, "gear" is so much easier then "tandwielen". -smile-
  2. Simon

    Help with technic organising

    Here's another example, mine to be sure... -smile- Didn't want to spend any money on a storage system, rather buy bricks instead of boxes, so I made this myself. I got the card board for free, made small cardboard boxes in two heights and about 12 sizes, and then made the large storage boxed from heavy cardboard. This is just Technic, I got about 60 of these boxes, and a few dozen shoe-box sizes for large parts.
  3. Simon

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    Sets have official instructions (we have links for that), reviews (link) and investing data (link); they can be bought as a complete set (links), and placed on a watch list. And you can see catalog entries on other website. Sub-sets have... none of this. No other website has sub-sets or b-models. Sets and sub-sets/b-models are NOT the same.
  4. Simon

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    @Retrieverfalcon Looking back I now realize Jared asked your opinion, which you expressed very well, and then I almost completely ignored you and went over your head to address the forum membership in general. That was rude and disrespectful, and I apologize for it. In the case of Great LEGO Sets (and yeah, I also have that and love that book!), your suggestion makes perfect sense; just add the book as a part, and mark it missing if you don't have it. My job as an admin, however, is to look at the big picture and try to calculate the overall impact of such detailed decision, if and when we want to be consistent. Empty sets (sets with zero parts) have no effect on the efficiency of the build functions, and they don't interfere with part searching, which accounts for a lot of our traffic. Adding books and key chains and IKEA furniture to our part database does interfere with build functions and part searching, so we have to think twice before we do that. I agree completely that the part count in sets MUST be accurate. So in that sense your complaint is justified and we will solve it. Take care, Simon
  5. Simon

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    Bricklink currently holds 4,437 books, 3,967 catalogs, and 898 magazines in at least seven different languages. Add a box for almost each set (15,124 sets) and an instruction leaflet for half of them (7,562). That means that Bricklink has, at least, 31,988 items that are not LEGO parts which you can use to build models or MOCs. That is about the same number as the actual LEGO parts we currently have. We have 897 gear sets, about a hundred of which have actual inventories with parts, the remainder is simple a set reference with zero parts. Bricklink has 12,357 gear entries, including Greeting Cards, Bedding, Human Furniture and Smoking Supplies. Are we really going to add a IKEA LEGO bed to our parts database, because someone at Bricklink is selling it? I think this is a very important discussion, and it boils down to the following question: do we want Rebrickable to become similar to Bricklink, focused specifically on sellers and buyers; or should Rebrickable remain a different kind of website, with a different target membership consisting of builders, moc designers and general LEGO fans. Perhaps we should answer that question first and foremost, because everything else discussed within this thread, depends on the answer to that particular question.
  6. Simon

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    To be sure, this is my personal opinion. We currently have 256 books and 208 magazines in our catalog, and with the exception of a very few, all are stored the same way: we use a LEGO set number if it is available, otherwise we use the ISBN number; we show the cover image for books and the polybag or model for magazines; the parts are in the inventory and the book or magazine itself is not cataloged as a part. That's what we've done with about 450 books/magazines. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't do the same for the handful of books that currently have double entries, one for the book and one for the set. Yes, it might be easier for some folks if we organize our set database the same way as Bricklink. But Rebrickable is for builders and collectors, while Bricklink is for sellers and buyers. Our target audiences are different, and means we have to organize our database differently. We do not catalog different language version of magazines, or boxes, or instruction booklets; Bricklink does. Bricklink does not catalog sub-sets and b-models, we do. Bricklink sellers might offer individual bags from a single set. We do not divide our inventories into bags. We link to Bricklink where ever we can, and hopefully, they link back to us. That should be enough. In case of Great LEGO Sets, I would suggest one single set, set number 11910 -1, set name Great LEGO Sets, with the inventory of Micro-Scale Space Cruiser, and a reference to the ISBN of the book in the set notes. Then the parts count is correct. I can then add an additional image of the Cruiser to the set notes. If needed, we can add a link to the Bricklink entry of the book. Books and magazines themselves are not LEGO parts, you can't build with them, and they should not have entries in our part database. As sets, no problem. As parts, let's not do that.
  7. Simon

    API-Testpage / Swagger does not return data

    We added new hardware and having some problems. Nathan is working on it... ADDED; Forum is also have some problems...
  8. Simon

    Editing Part Photos

    I talked to Nathan about this, and the new LDraw images, that will become available within the next few month, will be pngs with transparent background. As to element images and part photos, I need to find out how many we have, what the current size is, and how much that size will increase if we switch to png. Then we can make a decision.
  9. You're welcome. To be sure, your question did make me check the black parts I newly rendered. Below the current image for 3747b, slightly bluish, and only 250x250px; and the new image, four times as large (500x500) and with a different camera position. On my monitor the new color looks better, but it is good to show it, and see if others (with other monitors) agree.
  10. Jared, allow me to answer this... Hi, Emommsen. I think I understand your problem. Please hover with your cursor over the two parts that you think have the wrong color: the popup should say "in Black". In other words, the inventory is correct; but the images are slightly off. It's a problem I am already working on: most of our images for modern parts are element images, and we get them directly from LEGO. However, for older parts there are no element images, and then we try to use LDraw images, which we render ourselves. And the problem is, that the black color of our LDraw images is slightly bluish, while LEGO's element images in black are almost completely de-saturated, and look much more dark gray(ish). So in your screenshot almost all parts are in black, and only the two your mentioned have LDraw images with a different kind of black, that looks a bit bluish. I guess most people don't even notice this; I did, and I am trying to improve on this, but to get all those new LDraw images online we need some new hardware, so it could take a few month. I hope this solves your problem, if not, please let me know. Take care, Simon
  11. Simon

    Editing Part Photos

    Hi, Bio. Yes, I really like your idea, and I would love to have a black theme for the website. Right now I am using Firefox and simply overwrite the color scheme, so I am already using a black background, and transparent images would look much better to me. And it will also make them more useful. But (as always.. -smile-), right now, only our LDraw images are png's, the element images and photos are jpgs, which don't support transparency. I am currently working on a new set of LDraw images, have about 80,000 done, still need to do another 20,000 or so, and those can have transparent backgrounds without any problem. Element images could be converted to png, but I am not sure how much additional disk space that would take, and Nathan has to decide if that is worth it. Most of the photos, however, still have a gray background and shadows and such, and I can't think of an easy way to switch those to transparent background. The photos that I am adding (and hopefully others will follow) are basically created as pngs, but when submitted, they are converted to jpg. So there we need some system changes. Let me check with Nathan is this might be possible. In the mean time: if an image has a perfect white background, it is very easy to convert that background to an alpha channel. Using ImageMagick: convert old.jpg -transparent white new.png with -fuzz you can set a fuzzy percentage (the specified percentage deviation from the pure white color to be converted to transparent as well) Take care, Simon
  12. Simon

    My lost parts sorting not working

    Hi, Miko, did some more testing, and, at least, part number sort has some problems. @Nathan- bug confirmed
  13. Simon

    My lost parts sorting not working

    Hi, Laiby77, welcome to the forum. I can NOT reproduce this problem; however, if I click on Color several times, the sort order toggles between ascending and descending, and depending on the specific parts, that might give the impression of switching between color and part number. Could that be your problem? If not, feel free to say so, and we will investigate further. Take care, Simon
  14. Simon

    Editing Part Photos

    You're right, I am actually re-shooting all my part photos in natural light, with better colors and more details. But your "pick white point option" is a great feature, basically resetting white balance, and I did not know that, so thanks for the suggestion. I will add a note about it in the tutorial. As to cropping, I agree, in the Photo Submit dialog you can move and crop manually, but I tried to make the tutorial also useful for MOC photos, and then cropping can be important. Take care, Simon
  15. Hi, ceekay, welcome to the forum! If you want to submit your MOC, you need three things: an inventory, a photo (or rendering) and some kind of building instruction. The inventory HAS TO HAVE LEGO parts - no discussion there, we don't have any other parts in our catalog. For the instructions, it doesn't really matter, some designers make a video, others a series of photo's; you could even make drawings, if you want, as long as someone else can build your model using your instructions. So if you create a series of photos using non-LEGO bricks, it wouldn't matter, however, the parts you show in your photos HAVE TO BE similar to LEGO parts. You can't include a part that LEGO never made. As to your model photo, the same applies. If it shows parts that LEGO never made, you can't use it. If the color is a bit off, that's not a problem. And you can always build your MOC virtually (using LDD or Studio) and use a rendering. Take care, Simon