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  1. Simon

    Should all books be in the book category?

    Adrian; there are books (mostly DK) that have been advertised on the LEGO website and for which we have a genuine LEGO number, usually '500' follow by 4 digits. Example: 5004906-1. Those I don't think we should renumber. For most others I would indeed use the full 13-digit ISBN number; our friends at Brickset seem to do the same, and if you want to buy the book, having the ISBN is the easiest way to find it. We can renumber sets, and the user-sets lists are updated when we do, so that shouldn't be a problem. Now I have been working on books off and on for the last couple of months, but there are still a lot that need to be done, so if you run into a book that seems to have a wrong number, and you're willing to check the right ISBN, then an CR would be appreciated. Take care, Simon
  2. Simon

    Can't get regional settings to stick

    @Nathan- moved to Bugs...
  3. Dear MOC Designers, I am working on a Rebrickable review of this set (75884-1 - 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback), scheduled for publishing end of January, 2019, and I want include a chapter about alternate builds for this set. I want to explain new users about how to find alternate builds, include links to popular sets for alternate builds, and I want to build all the alternate models of set 75884-1 currently on Rebrickable, photograph them, and add HD images and a small review of all of them. Set 75884-1 currently (December 5) has 21 alternate builds, and a modified set build, and those are definitely in the review. But I could image that some of you would want a MOC of your own to be included, and so I have set the closing date on January 1st, 2019. Any MOC added as an alternate build for set 75884-1 before that date will be included in the review. Premium MOCs will only be included if I have the instructions (PM me if needed). Obviously, if you guys/girls add 50 or more new MOCs to this set, it might be end of February before I publish the review. -smile- To be sure, this is NOT a contest, there are NO prizes, and I am not going to rate the MOCs or choose a favorite. I am going to comment on the type and quality of the instructions, the ease or difficulty of the build, and the look and feel of the final model. Don't worry, though, I can find something good in any model. Take care, Simon (cross-posted in MOC Discussions "Ford Mustang Fastback - Alternate Builds" and as a comment to set 75884-1)
  4. Simon

    Help with pieces please

    Already working on it. My problem is, I have many of these things on my to-do list; and every time something new comes up that has to be done first, and so my to-do list keep growing instead of shrinking. So next year, I am going to schedule my activities a little better, and actually finish a lot of these things. I want to create four new Guides within Rebrickable Help: a Guide to Rendering (already defined, but still being developed), a Guide to LEGO Themes (with time lines and background info for each theme), a Guide to LEGO Sets, and a Guide to LEGO Parts. The Parts Guide would contain an explanation of our category system, examples of the most common parts within each category, tables for bricks and plates (stud length vs width), and chapters on markers, sorting, dating, colours, molds, etc. Much of this is already available elsewhere on the internet, but in many different places, and I want to bring it all together and use quick links everywhere so you can open a certain Rebrickable page in a new browser tab while keeping the Guide available. In the mean times, the forum is all we have... Take care, Simon
  5. Simon

    Star Wars VIP card display -smile-
  6. Simon

    App to design MOCs from owned bricks only

    Hi, Macia, welcome to the forum! Studio can import the parts from official LEGO sets, once they have been added to the Bricklink catalog. So for alternate builds, you can just import the parst for the particular set, and use those to build your own MOC. As the import adds up the parts, you can do several imports to create a full overview of all your parts, providing, of course, that all your parts come from sets. Hope this help, if not, just ask... Take care, Simon
  7. Simon

    Adding Tags to Sets

    Hola, Amigo, and welcome to the Forum! I've added "Star Wars Magazine" and "rendered" tags to 911842-1, and added "nano-scale" which seems more appropriate. Thanks for the info, if you have any other tags request, just post them here... Take care, Simon
  8. Simon

    Help with pieces please

    Greetings, JB, A 100 kilo, right? That's gonna take a couple of month... -smile- On the other hand, with a bit of perseverance, you might find some real treasures! All the tips you've had are valid and good, but here's a few more. First, check your privacy settings (your name top right > Settings > Privacy tab). At the bottom you'll find your LEGO Collection Privacy, that controls what other's can see about your LEGO Collection: Public My Sets (all Set Lists will be shown, estimated values are hidden) Public My Parts (all Part Lists will be shown, estimated values and Part Notes are hidden) Public My Lost Parts Set everything to Yes. Now you can copy and paste the link to your part list into a forum post, and others can view your parts and, perhaps, make some suggestions. Secondly, as Przemos notes, look for markers. Those are parts that were only used in a few sets, and some are even unique and only used in a single set. If you can identify a marker, you can more easily find the set to which it belongs. Good markers are all printed parts - use rebrickable to find them (just try searching the text or a description) stickered parts - use google "lego sticker [keywords]" large parts - like those plane noses and wings and such special colors - most common colors are white/black/blue/red/yellow find some orange or brown or tan - search the right part category with an additional color filter doors and windows - all kinds of them, but easier to list (windows and doors), and lots of doors were only used in a few sets. special parts - things like flags, traffic signs, battery boxes, light bricks, ladders, wedges some are used generally, but others only in a few sets Finally, try to get a feel for the age of your bricks. Look at the amount of non-common colors - the more special colors you have, the newer your bricks. Look at the gray bricks. In 2003, LEGO changed the color of Light Gray and Dark Gray into Light Bluish Gray and Dark Bluish Gray. The older gray colors, when seen in sunlight, are somewhat dull, the new colors seem more shiny. If you find the new grays, then your sets are from after 2003. Look at the bottom of your 2 x 4 bricks. If you see: pat pending - bricks are from 1958 to 1974 pat pending obscured - 1974 to 1979 clean (nothing) - 1979 to 1984 3001 (part id) - 1985 to current Now look at the studs, is there a tiny point in the middle of one or more studs? That's a moulding pip. It used to be on de side of the part, but LEGO changed that and put the pips were they can't be seen so easily. So: moulding pip on the edge (short end): 1949 to 1963 moulding pip on the side (long end): 1963 to 1974 moulding pip on the studs: 1974 to current When you know the age of the bricks, say before 1974, it can't be from a set from 1980. -smile- Bricks older then 1963 have a different font used for the logo, but looking at your image, that's unlikely. Good luck, and when in doubt, just ask. Take care, Simon
  9. Books 1 and 3 build, so I have the entire rocky foundation ready. No missing missing 2x2 plate or 1x1 brick. I did ran into a problem with the potion bottles in Prof. Snapes office; from the instructions it looked like I needed an Trans-Orange 6141 Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud, and I really couldn't find it, so I took one out of my own collection, only to discover, a few steps later, when I seemed to need a Goblet in the same colour, that the actual colour was Pearl Gold, and that it was just a weirdly print problem, not a missing piece. So up to now, no real problems...
  10. Thanks, you're saving me a lot of work.. -smile- Can you remember in which bag you ran into that missing 2x2 tan plate?
  11. Simon

    Rebrickable Themes

    Folks; we are NOT creating an entirely new theme system. We've had themes since the very birth of this website, we currently have 15,000 sets and 10,000 MOCs, and 99% of those are exactly in that main-theme where common sense expects them to be. We know this, because the amount of theme related change requests are minimal, and for older sets virtually non-existent. Everybody expects Friends sets to be in the Friends theme, and Star Wars sets in the Star Wars theme. Now if I build a Star Wars Micro-Fighter, let's say, a Millennium Falcon, with minidoll Stephanie at the helm instead of Chewbacca, one could argue it is a Friends set, on account of Stephanie, but one could also argue it is a Star Wars set, on account of the Millennium Falcon. That would be one of those 1% exceptions. But any category is, by it very nature, a form of abstraction, and when details are lost, exceptions enter. That's why we value the sovereignty of the object and the individual. But the existence of a few exceptions does not mean you can't use categories. I'm not worried about that Stephanie Falcon set, I don't care in which theme is goes, and if it is really a problem, we have an Other theme for... yes, exceptions! I care about the hundreds of thousands of people who regularly use this website, and who might want an easy way to see all the Friends sets, or all the Star Wars sets, or even, all the Creator sets. And that is what our themes are for. I agree with all of you that a theme like Creator does not properly describe the kind of model, but, as mentioned before, that's what our tags are for. And believe me, I have been trying to get those tags better organized for more then a year. But the problem is, that many of our current sub-themes, like Aircraft and Harbor, describe the kind of model, and therefor ought to be tags. So right now, we are moving sets from Creator > Aircraft back to Creator (or Early Creator for older Creator sets, or 3-in-1 for 3-in-1 sets) and making sure that Aircraft is added as a tag. Once we've done that, we can remove all those tag-like themes, and then, finally, start looking at the tag system and make sure that all sets modelling an aircraft have the Aircraft tag. Finally, I admit that it might be difficult to recognize the theme from the box alone. For the first half of LEGO history they didn't even have theme logo's. But they did have catelogs, and they grouped together similar sets in their catelogs, and named them a certain way, which is just as good as a theme logo. And there are all kinds of other sources, like books and websites, that all seem to agree that the Creator theme started in 2001, and not in, let's say, 1984. So if the LEGO catalog of 2001 proudly announces the 'new' Creator theme, and at least two other, indenpendant sources agree with that year, I think we should also start Creator in 2001, and leave the Universal Building sets from the eighties where they currently are. And then some Creator sets and some UB sets can have the tag "Basic Set", and hopefully, we're all happy. Take care, Simon
  12. Simon

    Rebrickable Themes

    Yeah, but saying "There are exceptional sets that don't fit nicely into a theme, so let's throw away the entire theme structure" is exactly the same as "There are a few exceptions in English, so let's throw away the entire English language". -smile- (couldn't resist it... LOL)
  13. Simon

    Rebrickable Themes

    To be sure, that Tips & Tricks page was created about a year ago, and I probably included a link to it in at least two dozen forum posts... -smile- ...anyway, I am glad it is found useful. A few general remarks. Our search engine, when looking at sets and mocs, searches almost everything related to sets and mocs, including number, name, theme, tags, description and even comments. For MOCs the description is usually really detailed, and I am already working on adding more detailed descriptions to our sets. Just completed the descriptions of the Speed Champions, for example. So I think it is reasonable to presume that anyone who want to search for, let's say Steam Punk or Medieval, would use the search function, and if a MOC designer has added those tags, he/she can be sure that his/her MOC will be found. MOC designers can create their own tags, and as many as they need. Furthermore, about 45% of all our MOCs are alternate builds, and the theme of an alternate build is logically the same as the theme of the original set. If someone makes an alternate build of a Star Wars set, I don't think anyone would expect that alternate build to be in the Friends theme. The other 55% of our MOCs are originals, and although I can understand it can sometime be difficult to decide which theme to use, I really don't think that we should start adding "invented" themes, that LEGO never used, just to make it easier for the MOC designers. As stated before, Medieval is a perfect tag, but it should NOT be a theme. If I look at the LEGO website today, I find two Creator related themes: 3-in-1 and Expert. Anyone who has seen those sets on the LEGO website and then comes to Rebrickable would expect we have both 3-in-1 and Expert as sub-themes of Creator. As to "Early Creator", as the description implies this sub-theme is for the first two waves of Creator sets, released in 2001 (green logo box) and 2002/2006 (red logo box). These sets, although they carried the Creator logo, were not 3-in-1, so it makes sense to keep them separated. "Early" is not age related, but references the release year. We might also use for "Early Technic", which could refer to studded technic brick period, and perhaps also for other themes. I do NOT think we should merge a 40 years old theme like "Universal Building" with the modern Creator theme. Those two are so different, they do not belong together. What a set is about, or what it depicts, what models it holds, what age or gender it is targeted to, all those categories are tags, not themes. Yes, we need to improve the tagging system, but this thread is about the themes, and we want to simplify those first. Repeating my initial question: LEGO considers Modular Buildings to be part of the Creator Expert line; we have Modular Buildings as a separate theme. Is that more functional, or not?
  14. Simon

    Rebrickable Themes

    I will respond later on other suggestions previously posted (I need be more patient and allow others to respond before I react), but this question I can answer immediately. If you look at the Tip & Tricks Sets by Sub Theme, the main theme links, such as Creator, only list the sets within that theme, not the sets within the sub-themes such as 3 in 1. This is the same as the filters in the set search result page. However, if you click on Creator in the Set by Main Theme list, you get everything, so including the sets in the sub themes. So main theme list is everything, and sub theme list is individual.
  15. Hi, tgelton, welcome to the forum! I have no experience using the API, but it seems to me that the build engine is probably the most server heavy function of the site, and I could image that Nathan hasn't added that to the API, in fear of the load that it might create. @Nathan- Could you shed some light on this? Take care, Simon