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    Updating LDraw Images

    Well, I have python on all my systems, and selecting 450 ldraw definitions that start with 973p and using the filename and description to generate a shortcut like the one you posted can be done in an hour or so. The main problem is getting the color of hands and arms, but if I can relate the ldraw torso to the Rebnrickable torso+arms+hands definition, I might be able to grab those colors from the RB part name, and translate them back into LDraw color codes. Let me think about that some more... If I start generating more unofficial ldraw shortscut, what numbering should I use? Original torso number followed by "c01"? Can I put my name in there as author?
  2. I checked both studio and ldd versions of the main model. Studio loads the model instantly, but as the designer explained (sort of) the model has no defined steps, so Studio can't generate an instruction PDF. You can hide all parts, and then in the parts list unhide each part to build it. Your problem doesn't seem to be with Studio itself, but with LDD. LDD treats every parts as a single step, so the instruction generator is trying to create a 1,783 page instuction webpage. Generation itself took about 20 minutes on a 3 GHz quad-core, saving to disk another 5 minutes. Generating the PDF took 10 minutes. The resulting PDF (25,6 MB) can be downloaded here. In general though, if you are completely new to these programs, you're better off starting with a smaller MOC to get some experience with the software. Your MOC choice has over 2,000 parts, and even with good instructions, it might prove difficult to build. Take care, Simon
  3. Hi, Retrieverfalcon, Don't know anything about PayPal, so I have to leave this to @Nathan... Take care, Simon
  4. Hi, Cadman! Rebrickable has almost a dozen Crawler Crane MOCs. Which one are you talking about? Take care, Simon
  5. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    @SimLego- Using your example I am confident I can create more of those Unofficial LDraw Shortcuts, but I got a lot going on right now, so it might take a few weeks. Obviously, if you create some others in the mean time, that would be perfect. If needed, you can mail them to simonvanmeygaarden at, and I'll take care of it. If you have any other examples of shortcuts we can use, please let me know. Take care, Simon
  6. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    @SimLego I'd like to change the color of the torso to 16: 0 // torso 1 16 0 -72 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 973p47.dat thus my scripts will render the part in Red, and the system doesn't have to fall back to the Unknown Color version. Is that OK with you?
  7. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    Ahh, I think that's a reflexion of the torso, just like the neck is reflected on the top surface of the torso.
  8. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    Just checked three randomly selected figs, and they all have that black rectangle on the 'neck' - no idea what it's for, but it is there.
  9. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    I agree, but realize you're looking at a 500x500 image: the main images on the part pages are only 250x250, and for the search results and lists we use this: no matter how low the resolution, this is always better then no image at all. And the advantage over photos is that all thumbnails have the same viewing angle, and, at least, consistent colors.
  10. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    Here's an even better one, using LGEO for 3818, 3819 and 3820. (Just realized that there about 250 newer LGEO defs that haven't been used because L3P depends on a lg_element.lst that needs to be update manually. Which means I have compare my current LGEO set, which is three years old, with the most modern version, add all new defs to lg_elements.lst, then find out which parts were involved and re-render all of those. Got something to do for the next few weeks... -smile-)
  11. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    Here are some test renders: first two with default viewing angle (first L3P colors, second LDraw colors.), last two full front. I like L3P colors better, and I must admit that the angled version looks more natural then the full front version. Could be that I am just more used to it, and obviously it's a matter of personal preference, but in any case, I think the printing is fine, and the end result is good enough for me. What do you think? default / L3P default / LDraw full front / L3P full front / LDraw
  12. I wish! LOL Frankly, I had hoped you would figure it out, and I could ask you for an code example. I never use the API, all my python is really quick and dirty, and when using local downloads, I don't have to worry about performance. But there are several member who do use the API, perhaps they can help you. ADDED - THX for the link -smile-
  13. Simon

    Updating LDraw Images

    Hi, SimLego; First off: I saw your CR's with new LDraw mappings, thanks for those, it's been a great help. I have still have about 7,500 LDraw definitions that we're not using, and even though many of those are either sub-parts, obsolete or alias definitions, I am pretty sure many still need to be added. If you're interested, I can share a list of defs not used. As to creating unofficial shortcuts for torso's, that is a great idea. I already added several third-party definition sets (digital-bricks and modulex), and I have no problem adding another set of shortcuts to get good renderings of torsos. Just not sure how to organize it. -smile- In any case, I need to keep a separate list for these torso shortcuts, because eventually, I want to render them full front instead of at a 30 degrees vertical angle, to make the printing better visible. Will need to do the same for minifig heads, certain panels, and several others. Right now, my scripts render everything at the same angle, and I still got some 5,000 transparent part/color combinations to render, before I can add support for multiple angles. Let me test the 973p47c01.def you created first, see how it looks, and then we'll discuss how to organize things, okay? Take care, Simon
  14. Why don't you use the API? part_num API request ( returns, among other: "part_img_url": "", that ought to give you the best image we currently have, Of course, you can get those images yourself, in media/parts/elements, media/parts/ldraw, and media/parts/photos; but each of these use different files names (element-ids, ldraw-partnumbers, photo-ids), and for LDraw you also need to know the color-code. As we don't have all different images for every part, you're better of letter the system find the best image. API does that for you. Take care, Simon
  15. Simon

    HOG steering

    HOG stands for Hand of God - it means instead of a steering wheel inside a vehicle, you have some kind of wheel ON TOP of the vehicle so while playing with it, use can easily steer it.
  16. Simon

    part name issues

    For these kind of errors we prefer Change Requests. (see Help) If your level is too low to submit Change Requests, please use this thread. (in a couple of hours, I will move this post to the above mentioned thread)
  17. Simon

    Badges progress

    Neither am I -smile- No harm done, just want to keep this forum civilized.
  18. Simon


    From the background of your screenshots it looks like you are working on a part in a Custom List. In a Custom List, the Part Summery Dialog doesn't have a My Part Notes Tab. Part Notes are only available with Part Lists, not in Custom Lists. If you select one of your Part Lists, the Part Summery Dialog will show a My Part Notes Tab. Take care, Simon
  19. Simon


    Folks, as an insight (and to show that most ideas don't work): We add sets when LEGO releases official images. At that point in time, the inventory is empty. Some two to eight weeks later, LEGO releases a partial inventory, which we add, and then we try to find the missing parts and add them. Many times, LEGO releases that new part information again two to six weeks later, and sometimes, they never release it. Best case scenario: after two month we have a complete inventory... of the main parts. Not the sticker sheet and not the spare parts. That info is not released by LEGO and can only be added by members who own the set. For some sets, we got those CRs within a few weeks, others after a few month, and for a lot, we never get them. Remember, that's the best scenario; in at least 20% of cases, there are inventory errors that need to be corrected later, IF one of our users spots the error. Now, if you bought a set, and added it to a set list, your parts overview will be empty at first, then show the partial inventory, then the full inventory, and hopefully, but not always, eventually also the space parts. We can make those changes because, basically, you already own all those parts, including the spare parts, and we are only making your parts overview more accurate. But there are folks that didn't buy the set, they bought the individual parts, and for those folks, the addition of spare parts makes their parts overview LESS accurate, because they don't own those spare parts; but the majority of users buy officials sets, so we focus on those people, knowing that other (minor) group might not like it. Now consider, a year later, someone add the stickered parts. If we simply add those to the set, all part overviews become inaccurate and everybody gets mad. If we replace plain parts by stickered parts, many people will get mad, because many people don't use stickers. And if you do use them, you don't have to put them where LEGO wants you to. You can put a small sticker on any kind of brick. No idea how many people will get mad, but with a quarter of a million users... could be a decent number. Even if we correct actual errors in inventories of older sets, there are already members complaining that their inventory gets changed because of that, and they want to be notified of those changes. Considering we do hundreds of changes every day, even that is not as easy as it sounds. So however we solve the sticker problem in the near or far future, it has to be smart enough not to upset people that don't want us tempering with their parts inventory; and so I fear that "minimal programming" solutions will never work. Take care, Simon
  20. Hi, Oliver, welcome to the forum! As the API is basically free, it makes sense you can't access Pro fields. And as far as I know, there are no plans for an additional Pro-API. Why not simply store your parts in lists based on condition, and when you want to build, export the inventory and write a simple script to add a location to each of the parts. Best of two worlds: Rebrickable's build feature and full local control over your own storage admin. Take care, Simon
  21. It currently shows the right icon. In any case, it's an Amazon problem, not something we can fix. Take care, Simon
  22. And again, I have learned something new... -smile-
  23. To be sure - the Change Log is NOT a pro feature, it is available for anonymous visitors and members (logged-in users). You can find it as the first entry of the Other menu.
  24. Hi, lorien_tirith, welcome to the forum! The FAQ is right, if you have a set, inventory or moc submission in progress, a message is displayed on your home page. Below an example: under Your Changes you will see I have set 12345-1 Test Set in progress. Hope this helps! Take care, Simon
  25. Simon

    Badges progress

    @Lebostein- Profile > Settings > Notifications > Account allows you to switch off notification of New Levels/Badge Achievements. Many people like those badges, and even if you don't, there is no need to call it "crap". Please keep you posts respectful and in compliance with the Forum Guidelines.