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  1. Hi Thea! Thank You for the reply! The set is in the database and i have fullfilled the missing and the spare parts too. Unfortunately the white colored 93593 Wheel 11 x 6 with 8 Spokes don't have a rendered pictures yet.
  2. Hi Everybody! First of all .... Happy New Year! I have tried to add a New Set 31055 Red Racer. The webpage said somebody is working on it. Do We know somehow how is it going? I have got the set so i can upload the correct partlist too.
  3. The new 4.3.10 update is online!!!
  4. Hi Guys! I've tried to add a 15395 Brick Round 2 x 2 Dome Bottom [Open Stud] in Medium Azure color to the 41112 Party cakes set. I think this piece was not in Medium Azure color before. Please put in the inventory database. Thank You!
  5. Hi Nathan! Thank You very much for Your update! It works great! Best Regards, Peter
  6. Hi! Is it possible to see the stats of all my Mocs? I can see only the first 20, but I'm interested in the others too. How can I solve this? Thank You for Your answer! Best Regards, Peter
  7. Hi Nathan! Folders, Upload, Browsing works fine! The WEB function with linked pictures works fine! I've tested while creating 31024 Jeep on Bricksafe / Rebrickable too. Peter
  8. Hi Nathan! is working! I can upload now pictures to the folders! The new folders are visible! One interesting thing: This is the main photo of my new alternative but say: "Error: Not an image or invalid URL" ...but the 7602 Tractor main picture works fine with the WEB (linked picture) function. Peter
  9. Hi Nathan! Okay thank You for Your help. Yes I have deleted 7 files before. I have forgotten to optimize the lights before upload.
  10. Hi Nathan! Thank You! The problem is with the 7602 Hotrod page. Another interesting thing Upload page say 7602 Pickup folder contains 15 files, but I have 8 files in this folder. Peter
  11. Hi Nathan! My Bricksafe account say "You have no files yet, start Uploading.", but i have files. I can create folders but I don't see them due to the Upload. Maybe my feedback is useful to You! Best regards, Peter