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  1. I'm hopeful too! I have a huge (I guess) stash of random minifig parts and part constructed ones, and it would be great to be able to add them all into a parts list, so I can then click a "What can I build?" link with an option to view only minifigs. I'm not sure of the ideal way to link them to sets, but something could be implemented first, and refined over time when the real use cases reveal themselves. Personally I think I'd want a set's minifig parts to be displayed in their own grid, which could be collapsed, and options in 'What can I build' to also show a percentage ignoring any parts that are used in the bundled minifigs. As for the problem of wanting to use the same numbering as Bricklink - perhaps their recent purchase by Lego will change their stance?
  2. Hmm, weird - I've just tried Google Developer Tools' Empty Cache and Hard Reload option, deleted all Rebrickable cookies, logged back in and it still gives the same result. Is there anything else I can do to get my browser going to the correct place?
  3. If I click on the browser address bar, type "rebr" and then tab, it brings up the "Search Rebrickable" field as expected, but when the search is submitted it goes to and says "This site can’t be reached"
  4. Separate tick boxes are handy if you want to pick parts but don't have all of them available yet, so you can easily check off only the ones you have. I do things a bit like this, then put them all in a labelled bag waiting to be completed. I do agree though that the part count would be useful. And thinking about it, on larger sets with >100 of the same part, that'd be a lot of checkboxes!
  5. If multiple copies of a set are owned, and both are missing the same pieces, the Missing Parts count comes out incorrectly for those pieces. The number of each part missing will be the total missing from all those sets, not just missing from a single set. Here's two screenshots showing the problem. The Missing Parts count shows a total of 2, but there's only the 64277c01 shown underneath with a count of 1. The Lost Parts list shows there are 2 of that part missing in total.
  6. I was trying to export a filtered wants list of a few specific sets, but after selecting the Drill Down settings, the exported BSX still contained the total Lost Parts list from all sets.
  7. Ah thanks, I'd not known about the upvote feature. Done!
  8. Came here to post the same, sorting by part number would be very useful!
  9. Well, I've had a look and got no idea what I was missing 6 months ago, haha!
  10. Just spotted this one - I have a set which is missing two of one piece, and the set comes with one to build with and one in spares. I've added one to the Lost Parts list, but it won't let me add the other, saying I've already added it to my list. If there were two or more of this element used in the build, I could work around it that way, but it won't work in this situation.
  11. That seems to have sorted it over here, thanks!
  12. Indeed, as someone who regularly buys job lots, I see certain sets coming in time and time again. As soon as two of those sets are both missing the same piece, bosh, my inventory is incorrect and impossible to fix. Interestingly, my data that was imported from v2 retains the missing piece quantities that are higher than those of a single set, I just cannot maintain the correctness for newly acquired sets.