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  1. To help better keep physical and virtual Lego inventories in sync, it would be useful if Rebrickable had an option to receive (email?) notifications when there is a change to the parts inventory for any of "My Sets." For example, say I own an "initial release" of set XXXXX and Rebrickable currently uses this version 1 inventory. Then, Lego subsequently releases an updated version to correct a build issue, etc. When (if) Rebrickable updates to the version 2 inventory, my physical inventory will be out of sync with Rebrickable. Currently, I don't think there is any way to catch these changes unless I periodically review the inventory change logs for each of my sets. With notifications, I'd immediately be able to see whether a change applies to my physical set and use the "lost parts" or add spare parts accordingly, always keeping everything in sync. (The same things happens with routine parts inventory changes for sets.) I don't know how frequently this happens, but I have at least two sets in my (small) collection where it has occurred. Thanks, J