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  1. biodreamer, I'm somehow with you, but on the other hand if someone has a big collection of sets she wants to hold together as such and sorts the loose parts in boxes, the problem may arrise (I'm in that situation after my dark ages, in which I made the"error" letting my son play with my sets over years, mixing all parts with no system, loosing a lot of instructions, boxes etc. and now I try to get an overview of what sets I still have and what are really loose parts). So I would (at the moment) take advantage of an easier way to see in which sets a part is in.
  2. At the moment there is no direct way to filter your setss out from the list of all sets listed in the part-details (by selecting a color). But your sets have a green background in that setlist! A suggestion for showing only those sets which a user owns ( a checkbox or alike) is in the forum "suggestions" .
  3. Hi, didn't mentioned thos topic before. Together with topic I put my thumbs up for getting such a feature!
  4. The documentation of get_part states the the field category returns the Part Color Id. Actaully it returns the name of the category(which is identical to the desc-field returned by get_part_types). It would be really helpful/timesaving if the get_part-function would also return the category-ID / part_type_id, because then no additional lookup is needed for getting this category_id.
  5. API-function get_part_types has no test-page or documentation like the other functions in the API - but it works fine!
  6. Please give a detailed description of how the parameter query has to be given. For example how to receive exactly two sets (like "42009 OR 42030", which does not work). The documentation just states "General search query. Search terms are additive.". But with some trial I found for example that it understands also wildcard like "420*". Many thanks Dietmar
  7. @ronniez: I'm really not familar with OpenERP. Just looked it up (hope I looked up coorectly on oodo, right?) and it seems to have a lot of feature which may be helpful. But I'm actually programming in C# / Visual Studio 2013 for WinForms and - so not very familar with Phyton... My idea ( and parts I've implemented up to now) is more to have a local DB and GUI just for inventory of my sets and loose parts and attached information like Building intructions, own pictures and alike and on the other hand as much information as possible from Rebrickable and (partailly and limmited due to their licence-policies) Bricklink. But what we can do is sharing the ways of implementing a lib to speak with the API (I've placed the API-calls into an own library; maybe you can reuse it). @zurno: that shouldn't be a call against using spreadsheet - I personally feel better (and I'm more experienced in ) usind DB and programing in C# and .NET .
  8. Hi, I'm also looking for a way to have an inventory reference. Spreadsheet is not a good option because of sorting/grouping/... limitations and most of all a missing way to interact with rebrickable's API. I worked along with the API and putting things (owned sets, setlists, loose parts, lost parts...) into my own database and extended that by relations to a storage_rack and storage_bin table. But the problem is to have this systems linked/sync with my rebrickable data. So just having two addtional fields (related to a part of a specific color; sets and loose parts unioned (I would guess making that separate would be a big deal)) with container/rack and bin/position would really be great. Printing of labels with barcodes would be great, but I know from programming experience that this is a big deal especially in web-systems (making customizable layouts, label-editors,.....). Many thnaks for taking this suggestion into account Dietmar
  9. Adding the checkbox as Vokhev described would be great. You do some kind of filtering/work with the information of the "owned"-status of a set, because my owned sets are colored with a green background. So filtering and only showing my owned would be great and maybe even easy to implement. Biodreamer: The interesting thing during taking inventory in a big collection of bricks (where bricks of different sets are mixed with loose parts - my situation:-)) is to know in which concrete set(s) a brick is used. So just the count is not enough (even though also helpful sometimes). Additionally it would be great in the Part Details screen, where the parts are summed by sets and by Loose Parts, if the "Sets" could be a link which opens up a new window/tab in browser and shows up all owned sets (from thoses setlists marked as to be used in calculations or all setlist; maybe selecting this with a checkbox) having this parts and first ignoring color and then having a selection of color narrowing the result (maybe with multiple selection; checkbox-listbox or alike). This would be a really great help. Many thnaks for taking the suggestion into account.D Dietmar
  10. Actually (2014-10-23) the API returns 500 (Internal Server Error) or nothing (when used directly in browser or on the API-DOC page) when calling the function get_part. Other functions (as far as I've tested, for example get_user_setlists) work fine....