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  1. When I try to sort the Top Moc Designers by 1 week, 3 months and 6 months, I get a gateway time-out. This is the latest message: One month and All time works fine. I have tried with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Per, Denmark
  2. I have made alternates for 4 of the new Speed Champions sets. But for 3 of them the alternates are not showing up on Brickset. Only the number of alternates. 75884 - only showing the number of alternates 75885 - showing number and alternates 75886 - only showing the number of alternates 75887 - only showing the number of alternates Hope this can be resolved. Per Bonde
  3. I know who you mean. I also find it suspisious.
  4. Creator set 31027 has 80 available alternates. Are you looking for at top 10 list of sets with most alternates? Or have a look at 31006, 31024, 31043. Was this helpful? Per