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  1. I have just started uploading again. And I have chosen to use the upload to rebrickable function for my instructions. Users have made comments about building my new alternates. But all my new builds have zero downloaded instructions on my analytics page. Maybe a bug? Per, Denmark
  2. When I try to sort the Top Moc Designers by 1 week, 3 months and 6 months, I get a gateway time-out. This is the latest message: One month and All time works fine. I have tried with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Per, Denmark
  3. I have made alternates for 4 of the new Speed Champions sets. But for 3 of them the alternates are not showing up on Brickset. Only the number of alternates. 75884 - only showing the number of alternates 75885 - showing number and alternates 75886 - only showing the number of alternates 75887 - only showing the number of alternates Hope this can be resolved. Per Bonde
  4. I know who you mean. I also find it suspisious.
  5. Creator set 31027 has 80 available alternates. Are you looking for at top 10 list of sets with most alternates? Or have a look at 31006, 31024, 31043. Was this helpful? Per