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  1. In API, when I call the GetColors method, can you please add the ColorID for bricklink? I'm writing on a software that creates wish lists, but recalculation colors would be much easier when I get a mapping table from rebrickable API. Thanks in advance, Michael
  2. sorry for the late feedback: thanks for the fix!
  3. Hello, I'm working with LXF files and wondering: When I create a part with translight blue, it's material ID is 42. Thats LDRAW color 43. When I try to get all elements, for example, part ID=4073 (round plate 1x1), I only get an element for the light blue (which color ID is 41, element ID is 4163917. I'm not able to relate the parsed part from LXF to an element of this part in rebrickable API. Is this a bug? where is the difference between very light and light trans blue? thanks for any help, Michael EDIT: found out that LXF file stores the color with 42, but LEGO color for trans light blue is 143 according to the maping table...strange.
  4. Some more: - search for 32123: use 32123b instead (displayed on webpage for this part ID), but no elements are related, but only for 32123a - Part ID 60475 (1x1 brick with vertical clip): why is this related to a rebrickable ID 2996c01, that is unknown (but 2996 is a wheel??)
  5. Hello, Part 3062, which ID is used by LDD for 1x1 round brick, is not available, but is missing a rebrickable ID that leads to 3062b. In this case, my call returns an invalid part. Can this be fixed?
  6. Hello, I just have some performance issues in my WPF/C# Application when I start an API search to find parts by name. The connection string is like this: "search?key=12345678&type=P&query=head&format=xml" In browser, on your API test page, it takes about 1,5 seconds, my application takes about 7 seconds for the same query Code is: rebrickableClient = new HttpClient(); rebrickableClient.BaseAddress = new Uri(""); var test = rebrickableClient.GetAsync("search?key=" + rebrickableApiKey + "&type=P&query=" + searchPattern + "&format=xml"); HttpContent content = test.Result.Content; Anyone has an idea why I have this delay? Cheers, Michael
  7. I miss a color when I call get_colors: LDRAW ID = 38 (LEGOID 47), name : Trans_Neon_Orange (see
  8. for example, cheese slope 50746 or 1x1 round tile 6141 and round brick 6141 does not have a <name> node containing the part's name in the result. EDIT: same for 3062 Some name I can get using the rebrickble ID and call again get_part with this id. In case of 3062 is does not work, there is no rebrickable ID thats different from part ID: <?xml version="1.0"?> <root><part_id>3062</part_id><colors/><external_part_ids><lego_element_ids/></external_part_ids><related_parts/></root> remarkable thing: part ID 3062b returns the right part, 3062 seems to be no existing, neither @rebrickable database nor brinklink. But you have a valid image link to the white element: And LDD is also storing part ID 3062 in the LXF file. Should there be at least a part with ID 3062 and a rebrickable ID 3062b in your database to reach the correct item?
  9. awww..okay, I'll box some LEGO friends stuff together with some fabuland figs
  10. ha, you're right..but how can I see the actual element ID, and what means TLC discarding old ones and introduce new ones periodically?
  11. For Part 2431, 1x4 Tile, an element exists in Dark Green, Element ID = 4543949, but the URL does not return an element image. Same for Part 3004, 1x2 Brick, Element ID for white is 4613964.
  12. mistake...I wanted to check if a LDD part/color combination is a real/valid, but haven't checked if the colorID was existing in the color node collection, but only checked the lego element list...big facepalm...
  13. Part 30044 has no reference to element with color ID = 0 (black). I got this part in this color, see also Unfortunately I can't find an element ID anywhere, BL does not list it, the black one can only be found in 1 (and 1 rebootet) set: