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  1. Cool! It would be nice if one can add negative quantities of parts as well (indicating lost parts). Say I have a set, but I lost one part, the parts list would show correct parts counts.
  2. Hi, After adding my sets, I want to add my parts to Rebrickable, since I have lots of parts bought on Bricklink. But since I don't keep them separated from sets, it would be difficult to count how many parts I bought which are not from sets. If Rebrickable offered a view of parts for inventory checking, including both spare parts and parts from my sets, I could easily compute how many spare parts I have. Example: I have sets A and B in my sets, which contains respectively 10 and 20 of part X. So, "Inventory check" page shows me counts for every part, so it shows me that I have 30 of X. I count my parts, and I see I have 45 of X, so I need to add 15 (45-30) of X to "my parts". It seems reasonable to me to have it, and also rather easy to implement. It could be accessible via a link or a checkbox in the page "my parts". What do you think?