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  1. The build results screen should have the "WHAT" in a more focused place. Example: https://rebrickable.com/build/set/42109-1/ See screenshot - added the suggestion w/red The blue-ish title is not good good enough and redundant (BUILD vs Build results). Option B is to make that bold +add the set number
  2. I store my collection (technic, 50k+) by type. Not very effective - takes 1-2 hours to gather parts for a set, but that happens if you combine your parts... A good suggestion, I support this (voted)!
  3. category and inside category by part number would be even better, my boxes of the same type are often at the same place...
  4. 2655 Plate, Round 2 x 2 Thin with Wheel Holder pairs with 2496 Wheel Skateboard / Trolley
  5. Part 13731 Slope Curved 10 x 1 [Symmetric Inside Ridges] should be mapped to its mold 85970 Slope Curved 10 x 1 [Asymmetric Inside Ridges] when importing to Bricklink. See http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=85970 which exists there. I've tried to import as part of missing part list to Bricklink (to my Wanted list) and it failed: [...] <ITEM> <ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE> <ITEMID>13731</ITEMID> <COLOR>1</COLOR> <MINQTY>2</MINQTY> </ITEM> Lot #16 in your file shown above has the following error(s): Item Not Found in Catalog. Changed to 85970 in the XML and it worked fine.
  6. When I try to build Ultimate 8043 http://rebrickable.com/build_set?s=MOC-0080&setlist=1&partlist=1: OK: You are missing 30 of 1399 [- 2 ignored] parts (you have 97.9%) BUG: 8043-1 Motorized Excavator (2010) has 103 of these missing pieces, increasing your match to 105.2% When I try to build 8043 http://rebrickable.com/build_set?s=8043-1&setlist=1&partlist=1 OK: You are missing 23 of 1124 [- 2 ignored] parts (you have 98%) BUG: 42006-1 Excavator (2013) has 78 of these missing pieces, increasing your match to 104.9% The list of missing parts is OK, just it looks odd to see 100+% PS: These parts are missing from Ultimate 8043: Part Color Num 61930 0 2 57519 0 4 60479 0 4 3029 14 1 32001 14 2 50950 14 2 64393 14 5 64681 14 5 84599 71 1 60656 71 1 58122 71 1 2444 71 2 These parts are missing from 8043: Part Color Num 57519 0 4 60479 0 4 3029 14 1 50950 14 2 64393 14 5 64681 14 5 2444 71 2
  7. I've imported a TSV file and got: Part 32181c02 xxx not recognised http://peeron.com/inv/parts/32181c02 should be mapped to http://rebrickable.com/parts/76320 But if I search for 32181c02 it gets me to http://rebrickable.com/parts/76320 properly. Also there is a problem on this part: is says Peeron ID: 108 32040 32181c01 32181 32182 32183 32183c01 should say Peeron ID: 32181c02 only
  8. Couldn't agree more. Not sure about the 100% coverage as people find workarounds for missing parts. E.g.: my kids are playing with the Volvo B model. I don't own it, bought parts to build it but: I don't have the tires. I've used a diff tire which fits the wheels (so I'm at 99.7%) and we're all 100% happy Option could be to leave a comment how I was still able to built if I don't have 100%?
  9. Have a button next to Sets (model A/B) and MOCs that I can press: I've build it! - Would give ME a value to track what I've built and when - Would give MOC designers a big boost - Would give Rebrickable a nice DB to gather data and visualize many ways My profile: - keep track what I've built What can I build? - Choose to ignore sets/MOCs I've built already Nice 2 have things: I've build it!: - optional picture to attach - specify a date back in time - optional comment -> should go to the comment section but with a special tag "I've built it" - optional time to build (personally I would never ever fill) My profile: - also show when I've built what MOC designer - specify to receive notification if someone builds the MOC TBD: I've built it!: allow only if user has X% of the parts w/weakest matching setting - CON: not everybody adding loose parts, hard to say what X to use (big sets vs small sets, rare parts..) - PRO: people replaced too many parts building a different thing Wording/impl: having "Build this MOC" and "I've built it" buttons at the same screen could be confusing - being one of the biggest feature on this site I'd let the site owners decide on this... - one possible solution would be -- rename "Build this MOC" -> "Try to build this MOC" -- put "Built: X " under likes and use the same system "Built: X I've built it! / Built: X You've built this MOC already -- I've just found the like is not there for sets, I've built it should be Update: added info based on comments, thx 2 biodreamer, Simon, dulsi
  10. The 4 stud hinge connection (not listing mold 2349b and printed parts): ( 4214, 4315, 4625 ) pairs with ( 2349, 2582, 2873, 4213, 4474, 4857 ) Sunroof + glass (not listing mold 2349b): ( 2348a, 2348b ) pairs with ( 2349 ) Technic Turntable Large Type 1 top & bottom: ( 2855 ) pairs with ( 2856 )
  11. 57894 pairs with 57895 /and the other glasses in this size (printed variants) but those are not that relevant/ 7930 pairs with 3579 3581 pairs with ( 3644, 3582 ) shutter holder connection
  12. 70961 pairs with 2989 70962 pairs with 2991 -> Set 8824-1 - Hovercraft
  13. No problem, thank you for your reply! In the 2nd case its clearly unnecessary, and to be consistent I'm OK to skip towball connections and rely on the naming convention. How "pairs with" relationships in used here? Does it just helps "browsing" in the parts? I've found relationships very handy when I tried to catalog my wheels and tires, but also found that clicking on the sets usually give you the pair in the inventory of the set... but hard to think about any other opp
  14. The next one is a kind of conceptual question: where "pairs with" should end? Towball looks an old concept but re-used later for a totally different purpose. It makes sense: ( 3491, 3183a, 3183, 3183b, 3183c, 3730 ) pairs with ( 3184, 3731 ) But it does not make too much sense for example (but works, just tried): ( 57515 and <other new technic steering parts> ) pairs with ( 3184, 3731 ) See this query: http://rebrickable.com/search?q=towball