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  1. Yeah, good point. I don't see one; just some numbers that are too small for me to read even under a microscope.
  2. Hi, Trying to identify these pieces. The darker one looks darker than "Dark Bluish Grey" (DkStone), but not quite black. I don't believe these are LEGO parts, but wondering if someone could help confirm that. thanks, Chris
  3. Regarding tools: On Mac, the options are basically LDD and BrickSmith. LDD has a much more intuitive UI, though fitting gears is pretty painful. I tried to get into BrickSmith--as many swear by LDraw--but can't really get the hang of it. LDD's "connection finder" is extremely helpful for me, and I can put things together very quickly. I haven't tried this yet, but for my next MOC I plan to build in LDD, then export and run it through BrickSmith + LPub to generate proper instructions. Regarding technique: I tend to freebuild, then take the model apart. I take pictures with my phone as I'm disassembling, so I remember how to put it back together.
  4. Hi, I have several set lists, and one loose parts list. I would like to show my loose parts, in addition to a subset of my set lists. As shown in the attached file, it seems it's only possible to show all set lists. If there's a good workaround, someone please enlighten me. Chris