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  1. I uploaded photos for the White and (Old) Dark Gray colors of part 970x023 (Legs and Blue Hips) on Sunday. Although those photos were successfully added to their respective part pages, they seemed to also overwrite/override the pre-existing photo for the Black color. The original Black photo is still on the main part page as a secondary photo, but the part's Black color page has the photo that was uploaded to the White color page (and it had the newly uploaded Dark Gray photo before that). I'm posting here instead of the Bugs forum because of the possibility that I selected the wrong color when I uploaded the photos, thus causing the problem. I'm pretty sure I picked the right colors, but I can't be sure. I also opted to post in the forums instead of submitting a change request because this seemed to be a bit beyond the scope of the change request function. In any event, could an admin take a look at the situation and restore the Black part photo to the part's Black color page? Thanks in advance.
  2. Two more parts: Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/973pb0019c01/torso-pirate-imperial-armada-brown-belt-and-blue-print-red-arms-yellow-hands/ 122461 Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/3626bpb0020/minifig-head-moustache-curly-and-split-long-wavy-eyebrows-print-blocked-open-stud/ 762973
  3. Two parts to report: Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/3004pc0/brick-1-x-2-with-tv-screen-and-3-buttons-print/ 806488 Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/3037px1w/slope-45-2-x-4-with-headlights-1-print-white-lines/ 676511
  4. Description: In the "Build A Set" feature, there's a typo in the "Options used" list at the top of the page when the "Consider alternate parts..." option is checked. Specifically, "Alternate" is misspelled as "Alterante". To reproduce: Go to any set's page (e.g., 6331-1) and click "Build this Set!" Under "Parts matching options", check the "Consider alternate parts..." option if it's not already checked, and click "Recalculate This Build". In the tan summary box at the top of the page, the last line of "Options used" reads "Ignoring: Alterante Parts" when it should read "Ignoring: Alternate Parts". Browser/OS: Pale Moon 25.1.0 (Firefox fork) on Windows 7 x64 I know this is purely cosmetic and uber-minor, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. Thanks.
  5. Thanks again. I found a few more road signs to move to Flags, Signs, Plastics and Cloth: 739p01 80039 80045 81294
  6. Move to Flags, Signs, Plastics and Cloth: 890 890p01 892pb06 892pb10 30259p02 30259p03 30259p04 30259p06 30261p01 30261p03 30261p04 To Bricks Sloped: 3039pb020To Windscreens: 6238a 6238b Thanks.
  7. Minifigs to be split: Set 6572-1: ext001 ext007 6244-1: pi010 6445-1: rsq004 6453-1: spp008 6175-1: aqu001 aqu003 1822-1: aqu001 aqu002 6426-1: ovr022 trn086 trn105 oct017 Thanks.