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  1. Hello, I received today an e-mail "New lego MOC". Would this be unlocked? :-) Thank you. Cordially. Xavier
  2. Hello, I no longer receive email notifications for new moc for several days (weeks?). I did not change the default settings in my profile. Is this a similar problem? The work accomplished is impressive. Thank you very much. Xavier (Sorry for my English... Poor french ;-))
  3. Hi Biodreamer, Thank you for your explanation , I understand better now. Solved. Best regards. Xavier
  4. Hi Biodreamer, hi zurno, Thanks for your reply. I have a doubt, because, on Rebrickable, in an inventory of a set, the section "spare parts" indicate: "If you own this set, they will be included in your parts list when considering other sets than can be built." So i understand (my english is poor :-/ ), when i use the option "what can i build", the items in the spares parts of my sets are they included in calculation? If so, then the calculation may be incorrect , since the list of spare parts is not accurate . This is my question. En français et en résumé ci-dessous, si un compatriote passe dans le secteur ;-) Les pièces des "spare parts" sont-elles incluses lord du calcul de construction d'un set? C'est ce que je crois comprendre en lisant "If you own this set, they will be included in your parts list when considering other sets than can be built." Si tel est le cas, le calcul ne s'en trouve-t-il pas ainsi faussé, du fait que ces listes de pièces peuvent varier pour un même set. Thank you/Merci. Xavier
  5. Hello, I'm french, so, excuse me for my bad english. I can't understand how the spare parts are managed: I understand that the spare parts are used in the calculation a set to be build. But the list of spare parts can be different from one set to the other. I checked on the 42009, my list of spare parts is different to that displayed by rebrickable. For example, I don't have 14226c31 String with End Studs 31L Overall, 50450 axle 32, 42074 technic pin 1/2 blue, etc. Also, I think the list of spare parts should be given for information. The spare parts should not be used to calculate a set to be built. Paid users to register these items in a separate list, and include this list (bulk) in the calculation. What do you think my comment? Or add an option to exclude the spare parts of calculation to build a set. Anyway, congratulation for the work done on rebrickable . Thank you very much. Xavier.
  6. Hi, In the Set 8185, quantity for part 970c00 (leg red), is 35 instead of 5. Beast regards. Xav.
  7. Hello, For information, the "To Year" is incorret for the following colors, in the "Parts Colors" (2104 instead of 2014). ID Name 72 Dark Bluish Gray 71 Light Bluish Gray 7 Light Gray 297 Pearl Gold 47 Trans-Clear 36 Trans-Red Best regards. Xavier.
  8. Hello, I just checked just before your message. I think you gave me the right answer. On the screen of my smartphone , color seems to be good, but not on my PC. Probably a color calibration problem. Thank you for your help . Xavier.
  9. Hi, I check tomorrow in the light of the sun, because tonight , when I put my piece on the screen, the colors are really different. And the same thing with my phone who took the photo. I hold you informed . Thank you. Xavier
  10. Hello comunity , I am French, sorry for my bad English. I can't determine the color of several parts. I have attached a photo of these parts. I placed several beams blue , green and lime . In your opinion, what is this color? Thank you. Xavier.
  11. hello, I am a French user Forgiveness for my English way. I bought a lot of brick and identified the original set. I wanted to record my parts list, those in this set. So I've added the original set in my list and marked all the missing items. Now I would like to insert the elements in my possession of this set in my parts list, and then delete the set list. How can I do? I assume that the removal of the set will also remove all information about the missing pieces? I think I should have taken the problem the other way, and simply add the pieces of this set in my possession. In advance thank you for your suggestions. Best Regards. Xavier.