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  1. Sorry, found the API call. Please disregard!
  2. Is there a way to download your list of categories or via API call in the event you add/change? Thank you, ronzlegonut
  3. How to leverage API calls!

  4. Can you provide me an example of what the complete URL string should look like for one of the API calls. For example Get Parts. I am trying to learn to use Python to make the URL call and am not sure how you capture the parameters to pass for the key, setid, etc.,key-(mykey),format-json,set-21118-1 Would you might be willing to share your knowledge? Thank you, ronzlegonut
  5. Dietmar, I am wondering if you are interested in collaborating on alternative options. I would welcome chatting in more detail about what you are looking to do and discuss what my goals are. They sounds similar. I am hoping you might provide insight with your development (API) skills and I am happy to discuss bar-coding and inventory management. If interested please reply and we can coordinate a chat client session. To give you an idea about what I would love to do.... I am hoping to leverage OpenERP and tap into two key components. 1. is the inventory/warehouse management. We could utilize the locations within the system for inventory management. 2. leverage their Bill of Material to make API calls into Rebrickable so you could pull a set within OpenERP and it will create a "pick list" based in Rebrickables items and incorporating your inventory management to quickly pull your pieces. Like a warehouse you could use a barcode scanner and the "pick" list. As you pick, you scan the barcode and confirm the # of pieces you are removing from inventory. The same process would exist when adding inventory to your storage. I am leveraging Plano storage units and plan to apply image/barcode with Element ID as the unique identifier. This has both hobby and real world application for educational purposes. I also have a barcode scanner if you dont have one. Appreciate your consideration, ronzlegonut
  6. Gents, Love the site. I am using this site with your API and inventories to learn and play with my Lego inventory and trying to learn programing as well. I am hoping you might offer some help to a newbie with answers tao a few questions along the way.... First item: I am attempting to create a table with your part and color reference and build an ElementID table. Is there any chance you can share your ElementID cross reference table that i could leverage? Is there other tables you use that you don't post at the bottom of your color page? e.g. Looking to build a table with Element id and Image with the specific color Lego image you have. Your site is awesome and have no idea how you do what you do. I am ultimately trying to build a database, at home, accessing your API's that i can add inventory and, more importantly, inventory location for each individual ElementID. Thanks in advance and appreciate the consideration, Ron
  7. I am looking at either starting my inventory in OpenERP or Rebrickable. In addition to inventorying every set and every part, I am hoping to confirm if Rebrickable has the option (or suggestion) to implement custom fields so we can make inventory location references. I use the Plano style plastic container for organizing. I am hoping to make reference to the container (e.g. GR001 for Green organizer 1). I was hoping for a secondary location ID that would reference what spot in the container it would be (e.g. 012-03 would be the 3rd row, 12th organizer to the right) I am also printing a small image with the barcode (element ID) for each part. I am going with Element ID for organizing all individual part by individual color. My journey is about to begin and hope Rerickable might consider implementing location ID's to help me organize. Or if you have it, might someone point out how to do this?
  8. When I leverage the search engine and search on Element ID it appears to sometimes fails to provide a result. For example, if I search on 4569058 it doesnt find a match. But if I try other Element IDs it does work like 242328. I was hoping we can confirm if I should be able to make a match on any Lego Element ID's lice 242328? Thank you, Ron