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  1. What do you mean by location ? in your house ? in your collection ? in which set ? in billund warehouse ?
  2. Have you submitted mocs that are in the "waiting for approval" queue ? they should be visible here : displayed on the top of the page just over the last news/blog post.
  3. Its the size of the part. It's usefull when you can't count the studs. It's the same for cross axles or dishes for example. EDIT : Thanks to that I know that there is 10 1x4, 1x6 and 1x8 tiles and 53 2x2 tiles. I don't need to hover each part.
  4. I'll definitely be interessted in a freemium category.
  5. (Maybe I should have begun a new thread) Hi, I write here to report a possibly random bug when importing parts from files (third time upon six mocs). Sometimes, the import function goes crazy with the color of the parts. but my BOM should be like this : last time I submitted an alternate, I didn't encounter this problem so I thought @Nathanwas working on the code, but it's back. I first used the file stored on bricksafe and then used my local file, the problems persists. If you want to do some tests : the pending moc : the corresponding io file : build/75213/75213-s13/ the io file that worked well yesterday : build/75213/75213-s7/ Have a nice day.
  6. Hi, I usually use the lxf file uploaded on Bricksafe to fullfill the inventory requirement, but it didn't work the last two Moc I submitted. When I clicked the "append part" button, nothing happened. I did not try with a ldr neither a mpd file.
  7. Thanks for your answers. I know that the moc has been pushed away from the homepage list, that's why I checked the recent/newest moc page. Cache is not my friend apparently
  8. Hello, I encountered a bug and a half today. Yesterday, I posted this moc : I noticed later I made some mistakes I had to fix by making again all my files from scratch. So I used the "desactivate" function in the admin panel. Here comes the half bug (that may be in my aging brain) : when I finished my rework and wanted to update the moc, it was listed anywhere (the message after desactivating the moc said it could be visible for me and the admin team). I tried my moc list, my custom list, my part list, the home page (like for pending mocs or pending requests). I had to use my browser history to find it. The real bug came later. when the moc was completly updated, I activated it. It was visible again in my moc list, but not in the home list, neither in the recent moc list.
  9. That's what I did before posting here, but nothing happened. But it's working fine again now. Sorry.
  10. Hi, it may be because of some work in progress, but the standard/default "folder" and "file" icons aren't displayed for now. They are replaced by the "404 brick not found" picture. The png thumbnail work fine nevertheless.
  11. Hello, I got an issue when submitting my last MOC. When I copy/paste the bricksafe directory, the form said me that it couldn't retrieve the pictures and to check that the page wasn't private. I did so (the page wasn't) I checked all parent pages and they wasn't either. I checked my older MOCS and any bricksafe gallery was displayed. I checkd mocs from builders using Bricksafe too, no gallery for them. I may have bad luck with my tests, but it's odd anyway.
  12. Berth

    Tuskmen head

    Hello, thanks to my wife, I got 75173 landspeeder for christmas. So I got my second tuskman (the first one came with the 75081 skyhopper from 2014) The question is : what are the differences between the too heads ? Because the ID of 75173's tuskman head is 33774 and the one from the 75081 is 19539. And both the parts and the Lego visual are stricly identical. At least why not pointing out a mold variation.
  13. Berth

    Strange Part

    I agree biodreamer, this part is not a LEGO part. No connectivity at all (bar or stud) and no logo. And there is enough surface on this part to put a logo somewhere
  14. I don't have this problem when submitting the first time, but when I want to Update via the admin panel
  15. It is. The bug with the "upload image from file" still exist, but the drag and drop function works, so it's not important.
  16. Hello, I have a new issue. This time, I wanted to update one of my old moc picture. So, I used the "admin" button in the moc page. Then, I clicked on the "upload image from file" button and I got this error message. {"status": "error", "msg": "No file provided"} I tried to use an bricksafe file, but the old picture remain. (It was working fine on the beta) EDIT 17h35: I'm going crazy. I tried to update my 31000 alternate's main picture. battlecar :nothing hapenned (that's why I posted here). second edit : the thumbnail changes, but not the picture on the page moc minijeep : it don't seem to work, BUT, the minicar's new picture appears in the thumbnail instead of the minijeep's new picture minicar : the new picture is displayed on the moc page, but the thumbnail did not change sportcar :the thumnail changes, but not the picture on the moc page. F5 and ctrl+F5 don't seem to do anything Edit again : the changed thumbnails did not vhange ine the "alternate" part of the original set. Only in the right frame.
  17. Hello, there is a problem with the migration to v3 and the integration of bricksafe. On some MOCs, the link to bricksafe was : but now it is So old gallery doesn't show up. It may come from the new bricksafe version, but it's buged anyway (it worked when I submited the mocs). I encountered this bug on a very old MOC and on a recent one but I corrected the links before thinking about posting here.
  18. Ok, that's what I guess. would it be possible to have a preview option in the future ? Thank you Nathan.
  19. Hello, I submitted my first MOC with the new interface and I was a bit lost (habits, habits...) but that's not the problem. I completed the Step 1's description form the same way I did it for my other Remake MOCs, I tought that I could choose to add all the parts of the set I made this alternate with at step 5, but it seems I could not. So, I went back to Step 1 : No description. this was not a problem because I wanted to change it, but it would have been If I just wanted to make a small modification. Then, I went back to step 5 and finnish the process. With a bit of a doubt in mind (sorry Nathan) I wanted to check a last time and click on the link in my "Home" page. My MOC went from "waiting for approval" state to "in progress" state. I thought the link would show me a preview page like on the v2, but I had to go through the whole process again. Oh, and the only form that was not retrievd from the database was the description in the step 1 Configuration : Browser FF 50.1.0 OS : Windows seven
  20. I guess you have to ask to a set manager.
  21. If tout want to do so, here's onr way : you've to convert your file to a ldr file (LDRAW format) but first you'll need an updated version of the ldraw file. then you'll have to create the steps one by one using an ldr compatible program (like MLcad) And finaly export it in pdf format using LPUB for instance. I know it seems a little hard and complicated (at first, it is). An other possibility is to use ldd to create a html instruction, and then export it in pdf using a pdf printer. But the automatic instructions made by ldd are sometimes quite strange.
  22. I agree with biodreamer, most (if not all) technic builds are made with real bricks before being recrated digitaly. Moreover, both ldd and ldraw don't have all existing parts available.
  23. Hello, I'm not a technic builder and I heard that LDD is quite terrible assembling technic models nevertheless that's the official LEGO software. You can use LDraw too but I'm not sure it will work fine. I use both in order to create instruction and making purely virtual technic model seems quite hard to me (but once again I only make bric mocs)