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  1. Hello, I do not know if I should post this message in bug or here, then I try here. Every time I submit a new alternate model (and I submit one often), I receive a notification, I don't speak about that entitled " new MOC approved " but of that entitled: " New MOC added ". Is it possible to add a condition on the designer name before sending besides the percentage of parts owned. The same thing occurs for comments. Is itreally necessary that we're informed about our own comments ?
  2. Erf I don't understand what kind of moon you're talking about. The parts I linked in my first message got one or two moon-like holes (in fact they're here to make room for other studs) on the bottom. The pictures of thoses bricks show the top. Sorry but my lacks in english make me a little lost here.
  3. did you mean and if not, try to search here
  4. It could maybe be an idea to suggest to Nathan. But for now your rebrickable account is not linked to your bricksafe account. Nevertheless, it's free and quick. The problem with "not-involving-another-account method to post files online" is that you won't be sure that your file will exists long enough
  5. Hi, your file must be stored online. Then you should link it to your MOC using the submit a moc interface. I recommand you http://bricksafe.comto store your file, because it's the little bro of rebrickable, so it reduce a later dead link problem.
  6. It was not a big deal but it takes me some time to understand it, and check my whole BOM. I'was building a moc fot my nephew and I used 2453 1x1x5 brick. I bought 74012 set for some parts and I was comparing with my moc part list to buy the missing parts. Ldraw.xml dont consider I used 2453a and that the set used 2453b. LDD doesn't allow you to choose the mold, so... Honestly I don't think there's an easy way to handle this (I've edited my ldraw.xml file a bit to include unofficial parts), that's why I warned duckredbread, he would have to proof read his part list carelfully.
  7. however, be attentive to the differents ID of differents mold of some part, i got an issue recently with that (none offense intended Nathan, keep going on your work it's awesome, but sometimes lego id, ldraw id and ldraw.xml work oddly)
  8. You can use the "search MOC" function in the MOC menu.
  9. Hello, I'm sorry but I'm not sure I iunderstood your problem. However, if I'm correct, I think you can use the "Private MOC" feature of rebrickable. I used it to check some of my builds. It works like a published MOC, but only you can see it. Don't forget that rebrickable user can find which set they can use buy clicking on the "build this set" button
  10. Maybe could that be a feature that can be added by Nathan ? There's a suggestion section on the forum.
  11. Hi. Maybe Breadman wants to have the choice in the type of instructions : 3D files, Pdf or photo slideshow. Because Breadman, Biodreamer is right,you can't submit a moc here without posting instructions file (however dead links may exist )
  12. quite the same here, error 523 server is unreachable
  13. I fear i didn't understand what you said. But according to dulsi's translation, automatic generated instruction are good enough for small mocs only. However building mocs is meant to be fun, so... Take a look at the lxf file and find a way to build a moc by your own way is a nice challenge. The other way deal with this is to convert the lxf file into a ldr file. But, as said before, you'll have to make your own instructions. It could take quite an amount of time if the model is big (and you'll have to learn how to use MLCAD and LPub
  14. Indeed, I only moc my new sets. The old ones are in my parents home, waiting for my daughter to grow up.
  15. Hello everybody. I recently found the best way for me to make instructions. First, I build my moc with my small (hum) fingers. Second, I rebuild it with LDD which is on my opinion the fastest way, cause of the part auto-connection. Third, I export it to ldr format and i tweak it, cause the convertion may bug some times. I reorder the part appearance and set steps for LDpub. Fourth I edit the ldr file in LPub in order to create a pdf (i use povray and gimp for the cover page). I've used this process since a couple of week and I'm quite satisfied with it. However i don't think I gonna rework my old lxf files this way.
  16. Hello again, I just noticed that the problem occured in the moc analytics section too. In the chart popup as in the list in the bottom of the page. I hope it's the last time i bother you with this.
  17. Hi there, I submitted a moc yesterday, the second one with a ' in it. In the page of the MOC itself there's no problem, the name is correctly displayed, but in the thumbnails it is not. For instance, in my first modular wich name is "French 70's studio flat building" the html code is displayed instead on the character : "French 70's studio flat building" Same for Joe's cantina. Thanks for your work.
  18. Hi there, i've a question for you. I noticed something this week : in two of my recents sets, two parts were old variants instead of the new ones. In fact one was a new variant and the other an actual one. in my 75033 set (star destroyer microfigher), i had a 3794a and a 3794b instead of two 3794b according to the instruction booklet. in my 75074 set (snowspeeder microfighter), i had a 60897 and a 4085 instead of two 60897. I don't really care for the 3794 since they're quite identical (and inside the set) but the clips of the snowspeeder are visible, it's quite a pity. Since i just emerged from the dark ages, i wonder if it's an usual situation. Have a nice day.