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  1. Thanks for the feedback, i just did that now ... – export the lists to rebrickable-CSVs – create a new empty list – import them with no conversion and with the "append" command – check if part sums are the same (overall sum, i didn't check each lot) which was accurate. Overall it had 2601 parts and definitely some were overlapping (like black technic pins), so the system added them up correctly. – cross fingers and delete the old lists :-) so i can confirm this works.
  2. I have several part lists that made sense when inventorizing loose parts that came in from different buys. Now i would like to combine them all in one bigger list, as the separation makes no sense anymore. Is there a way to do this other than re-assigning each part manually (which would be very tedious)? My last resort thought was to export them as csv and re-import them to the new list, but maybe there is a official way and i just have not found it yet? Thanks for your help Tom
  3. Minor UI bug: When using the what-can-i-build function, on the list of models there is no mouse pointer but only the usual arrow when hovering over the model entries. This is confusing as there is no visual indication where to actually click. This can be fixed by adding a css command cursor:pointer; in your css element #buildsetlist .setlist